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Easy Sourdough Boule

A simple sourdough that I've developed since starting the sourdough journey in March when lockdown started - I'm hooked now & wanted to share this recipe back in return for all the help I've found on this site & also for the wonderful flours Shipton Mill provide

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300g stoneground wholemeal starter
520g Finest bakers No1 white bread flour
350g French type 55 & 170g Organic 3 malts & sunflower flour
220g warm water
11g salt

Step 1
place flour & salt in a bowl and mix in the warm water as much as possible, it’ll be a flaky dry mix a best. Then cover with cling film and leave to rest for an hour.

Step 2
Add starter to flour & water mix then bring together & rest for a few minutes. Knead either by hand or for approximately 4 minutes using a mixer & dough hook. Cover with cling film & leave to prove until doubled in size, usually around 4 hours.

Step 3
Knock back by giving it a few punches & tip out onto a surface & carry out a few stretch & tucks to leave a tight rounded bag & place in a well duster banneton basket for a second rise for about 2 hours, testing the rise with your finger after an hour so that it only slowly rises back

Step 4
Cook in an oven at 240OC for 20 minutes with steam, then 15 minutes at 220 without steam.

Allow to cool, slice & eat with whatever takes your fancy

Added by: Ian Makinson

Tags: Bread Sourdough

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Id like to make this but.......

It needs a proof read and perhaps a rewrite of step 2 as it makes little sense. Thanks.

jonno 26 August 2020

RE: Id like to make this but.......

Hi Jonno, Thans for spotting the array of typos, I've corrected these & hopefully it'll make more sense. Hope you enjoy the recipe

Mr Ian Makinson 26 August 2020

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