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Welcome to our recipes section, where you will find a wide range of recipes, most of them supplied by our wonderful users.

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Top rated

Sesame Sourdough LoafSesame Sourdough Loaf
This wonderful Sourdough loaf is really crispy and has a lovely subtle nutty flavour.
Danish Rye Bread MethodDanish Rye Bread Method
Basic method that can be used to make many variations of proper Danish rye bread, far better than anything you can buy in the shops.
Wholemeal Spelt breadWholemeal Spelt bread
This is positively the easiest and most tasty Spelt bread recipe I have come across.
My first loafMy first loaf
This is the recipe that got me to ditch the bread maker and make my bread by hand.


Spelt LoafSpelt Loaf
Ideal for wheat intolerance! Delicious served warm or toasted lathered with butter.
Pizza DoughPizza Dough
Practice tossing your pizza dough with this recipe.
Gluten free bread with buckwheat, rice and potato flourGluten free bread with buckwheat, rice and potato flour
If you have a sensitive gut and you like eating bread you may find it difficult to find a loaf that suits you - this recipe contains a mixture of seeds and flours which are rich in nutrients and add to the flavour and texture of the bread, but are gluten free.
Intolerant Soda BreadIntolerant Soda Bread
This soda bread was brought about due to my brother and sister in laws lack of tolerance to gluten and yeast.
Cranachan from ScotlandCranachan from Scotland
Cranachan is a Scottish dessert which was originally made with crowdie cheese, oats, whisky, honey and fresh raspberries.
Carrot Cake with RyeCarrot Cake with Rye
Simple carrot cake made with light rye flour, which tastes a lot nuttier than normal wheat flour version.
A delicious crispy outside and soft bread to go with pasta, salad or cheese or anything! Made easy using the bread maker.
Festival rollsFestival rolls
I went to my first festival this month and made some delicious rolls to take with me and share with friends.