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Welcome to our recipes section, where you will find a wide range of recipes, most of them supplied by our wonderful users.

We hope that you find this a useful resource, but please remember that it is only as good as the input that we receive from you ... So please do give recipes a star rating and add your comments. And add your own recipes too (we'll even give you a 15% voucher to use in our Flour Direct shop).

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Top rated

Sesame Sourdough LoafSesame Sourdough Loaf
This wonderful Sourdough loaf is really crispy and has a lovely subtle nutty flavour.
Pumpernickel LoafPumpernickel Loaf
Black German-style rye bread, very good for topping with cold meats or salad.
Carrot Cake with RyeCarrot Cake with Rye
Simple carrot cake made with light rye flour, which tastes a lot nuttier than normal wheat flour version.
Khorason Sour Dough BreadKhorason Sour Dough Bread
This interesting bread is made with a 100% khorason sour dough starter and 100% khorason flour for the final bread.
Sweet BriocheSweet Brioche
Sweet Brioche - You can make this a traditional plain brioche or as a chocolate chip plait.


Simple bread to enjoy with a curry (great for beginners).
Bairin BreacBairin Breac
A delicious, soft bread similar to a brioche - great for an afternoon tea in the dark and cold season (not just on Halloween).
Simple Sourdough LoafSimple Sourdough Loaf
A simply gorgeous golden slightly nutty tasting 'Mighty White' sandwich loaf that takes about 15 minutes of your time!.
Our Best Shortbread RecipeOur Best Shortbread Recipe
this is the only shortbread recipe I ever use now,the organic semolina gives this shortbread the most amazing crunch and texture,in the pictures I have decorated them with snowflakes as no Christmas is complete without it and with its long life span it is ideal for Christmas gifts and hampers.
Gingerbread BiscuitsGingerbread Biscuits
No Christmas is complete without a good helping of gingerbread and it makes a perfect seasonal gift too,perfect for those who make hampers or want a homespun Christmas, if well wrapped it will last 3 months but if you freeze them you have something you can store for emergency gifts!.