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The Thoughtful Bread Company

Our bread is made from the most seasonal and locally-sourced or foraged ingredients, fresh each and every day. Each loaf is hand-rolled and individual in character and is produced using extended proving periods all of which will ensure that each bite will leave you wanting more.

At The Thoughtful Bread Company we believe that it’s not just our bread that will put a smile on your face; it’s the people, the ethics and the environmentally-friendly approach to business that we adhere to at all times every single day.

Visit Our Shop

We have put a lot of effort into our little shop which is based in the old Green Park Railway Station at the heart of Bath's City Centre.

Our shop is open daily (Tues-Sat) so we would love you to come on over and sample our ever-changing range of breads.

We recommend walking to our shop as parking is very difficult in Bath, although if you are coming from afar then the Sainsbury's car park (right next to where the shop is based under the large vaulted cover of the old station) offers free parking during the day for up to 90mins.


Shop opening times:
Tuesday to Friday: 9am 'til 6pm
Saturday: 8am until we sell out!

Tel: 01761 239074




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