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The Food Witch

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It is much more than just food - it’s about sharing the love and joy that comes from having a positive and intuitive relationship with what we eat - buying ingredients, preparing and cooking them, and of course much delicious eating! From cooking on retreats to running workshops and private coaching, my work goes way beyond being a chef or teacher. I focus and obsess over our spiritual and emotional connection to what we eat, the importance of honouring our mind, body and soul in our food and self-care in general, and the potential to access practical, tangible spirituality in everyday life, by reconnecting to the joy of food and intuitive cooking. My food is seasonally inspired by a multicultural London heritage and amazing local producers, intuition-led and mindfully created from a place of love. I don’t believe in good vs. bad foods, diet culture or restrictive eating. I cook and teach from a perspective of abundance, intuition and faith - that we can have a fearless, joyful, affirming relationship with food by being empowered to make better decisions, by adding to the breadth and depth of our diet rather than restricting specific foods and by honouring our emotional and spiritual needs not suppressing them.

I believe that by really connecting to our bodies, our intuition and our true wants and desires we can all have a joyful and conscious relationship with food, and ourselves. By honouring our mind, body and soul in this way, we are empowered to make the right food choices, and to free ourselves from subconscious conditioning, externally driven limiting factors, fears and judgement. By approaching food (and life) from the perspective of abundance and faith, we remove the need to restrict or control as well as the need for excess. Magic!

Sal Dhalla

The Food Witch




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Flour Direct Shop update

Good news, we are taking orders again, as normal. Thank you for bearing with us during the challenge of C19 and we look forward to supplying you with our flour in the future.

Important note: Orders containing 10 sacks or more will generally be delivered by pallet.



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