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Henrietta Inman Pâtissière
(East Suffolk)

Delicious pâtisserie made with real food ingredients.


"In my new pâtisserie, instead of refined polished grains, you will find wholegrain flours and wholegrains; instead of refined caster sugar, you will find raw Suffolk honey, sticky dates and organic coconut sugar; instead of hydrogenated fats and oils, you will find extra virgin Sicilian olive oil, bottled in the UK, extra virgin cold-pressed rapeseed oil and raw butter from Suffolk and organic virgin coconut oil. Therefore ‘clean’ is a simple description of the minimally processed real food ingredients I use in my new pâtisserie. ‘Clean’ also encapsulates my approach to sourcing all my ingredients in consideration of our planet – in season, organic whenever possible, locally or sustainably sourced."


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