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The Art of Biodynamics

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A series of introductory workshops in Biodynamic practice

with Kai Lange and Rachael O’Kelly

Understanding the living plant realm, embracing seasonal, monthly and daily rhythms, and exploring our relationship to land and place, are all key to establishing healthy and nourishing gardens.

At Shipton Mill we are very excited to present a series of inspiring workshops introducing Biodynamics and the fundamental principles behind this integrated and holistic practice of working with nature. Applying the biodynamic preparations to the land will be a thread running through each workshop.

In this series there are four different workshops held on Saturdays throughout the year. If you are interested in joining us, you can book onto a course here.

Introducing Plant Alchemy

with Jonathan Code

Join us at Shipton Mill for an exploratory weekend delving into the plant realm; meeting, extracting and working with a plant’s essence, introducing the fundamental alchemical process of distillation, and learning the art of soap making.

All of the Biodynamic and Plant Alchemy courses can be done independently of each other, but if you’d like to attend all of either series we are able to offer a discount.

Click here for more information and availability and to book your place.


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