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Home Baker Extraordinaire Visits Shipton Mill

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Julio Hevia Visits Shipton MillAt long last Julio Hevia meets Shipton Mill! Julio has been writing some great recipes for our newsletter for a while now but we've been having problems arranging a visit because he works crazy hours on the day job (yes, that's right folks - all that expertise from a home baker!)

Finally we managed to find a day for his visit and we were treated to an array of his wonderful sourdoughs. The drunken sultanas and walnuts was voted our favourite and went fabulously with a Pork Salami from The Real Boar Company. The "Soaker" came a close second, a deliciously seeded loaf and then there was my old favourite, the rye sourdough and a great 100% spelt sourdough. And yes - we will be featuring all the recipes over the forthcoming newsletters!

Julio took a tour of The Mill with John Compton, one of our Millers and we learned as much about baking from Julio as he learned from us about milling.

The sun shone and the trip was rounded off with a ploughman's lunch on the floating deck over the millstream with Julio's breads centre stage.

Thanks Julio - for your inspiration, all your recipes to date and for all your delicious breads. Shipton Mill and Julio Hevia - The Makings of Something Magnificent!

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