Shelf Life and Storage

Here's a couple of questions we're often asked: "How long can I keep flour for and how should I store it?"

A Guide to a Better Crust

There are a number of different ways to improve your crust, this guide looks at the how and why for a crustier loaf

Helpful Hints for Pastry

Ever wondered how to prevent shrinkage when using pastry lined tart cases? Here's some helpful tips.

German numbering ...

Where I can find the equivalence between the German numbering system for flours and the Shipton Mill values?

What flour for Panettone?

I used to use Molina Quaglia from Italy, is there a Shipton Mill flour you would recommend as an alternative

Ideas for Chestnut flour

I bought a stock of chestnut flour, which I am looking forward to using, but how do I get the best out of it?

Soggy dough that won't rise

We have now had several attempts baking our own sourdough loaves with your mother recipe and each time end up with such a soggy dough that it flatly refuses to rise much at all. Please help!