Organic Pinhead Oats for Porridge (403)

Having removed the husk from the groat each one is cut into 2 or 3 parts, making a coarse "pinhead" oat. Using pinhead oats when baking provides a...

Organic Medium Oatmeal for Biscuits (404)

This flour is milled from whole groats to make a coarse oatmeal flour. It is designed to be used in biscuits, and can be......

Organic Light Rye Flour - Type 997 (601)

Our founder, John Lister, visited the 18th century mill of Michelbacher Mühle, west of the ancient city of Cologne, in order to learn how to mill this traditional rye flour. We call it a “light” rye due to its paler colour, which is...

Organic Dark Rye Flour - Type 1350 (603)

A wholemeal rye flour used to make dark rye breads. Some Master Bakers use dark rye flour for making the "sponge" used in traditional rye doughs....

Organic Barley Flour (405)

One of the earliest cultivated grains, Barley flour has a mild, distinctive and very slightly nutty flavour.

Ellie's Grain-free Seed Loaf

Ellie's Grain-free Seed Loaf

This really easy quick recipe is great for those who are wheat intolerant. As it is made rather like a cake and does not use yeast, there is no waiting around for it to rise. The seeds give a granary bread texture to it and it can be used to make sandwiches or toasted with melted cheese just like normal bread. This is a regular for my childrens' lunch boxes and it is especially handy for those whose schools have a nut ban.

Grain free bread recipe for breadmaker

Grain free bread recipe for breadmaker

This is a recipe developed over many years of experimentation in the quest for a bread replacement for my grain intolerant partner - no maize, no rice i.e. the standard replacements in commercially available wheat free bread alternatives - the latest modification with Chestnut Flour has been the most successful one.