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100% Emmer flour loaf

100% Emmer flour loaf

Lovely, full of flavour wholemeal loaf, very tasty. I have never used this flour before but I wanted to try it on its own rather than mixing it with another flour.

Emmer pancakes (sweet & salty)

Emmer pancakes (sweet & salty)

Easy and quick pancakes with a different taste: emmer flour!

Wheat Intolerance and Digestion Problems

Growing numbers of people are finding that they suffer discomfort when they eat wheat and wheat products. This article looks and the causes and possible solution for the intolerant and for coeliacs.

Baking with Bread Machines

Some bakers look down on bread machines and consider the bread produced to be inferior. Is that position justified, or do bread machines have an important role to play in modern baking?

50% Emmer wheat loaf

50% Emmer wheat loaf

Panasonic breadmaker - medium loaf (400g)

Linseed bread log and flatbread

One dough in two ways

Emmer loaf

My tastiest loaf ever

Emmer Loaf

emmer, organic, bread

Wholemeal Spelt and Emmer Baguette

This delicious wholemeal baguette is very easy to make. The result is a bread with a crisp crust, a light and airy crumb and a slightly nutty flavour.