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Customer Update

Welcome to our website! To help us manage the unprecedented levels of demand we have implemented some temporary measures to our online shop.


To read more about Shipton Mill and our flours click the "Close" button at the bottom of this page.

2 Shops are quicker than one

We have split our shop in to two separate parts, to help us to get your order to you more quickly. Should you want to order both large sacks and small bags please use the flour direct shop.

Flour Direct Shop

The Flour Direct Shop continues as before, listing our range of flours both in small 1.0kg bags and the larger 25kg and 16kg sacks.

Visit the Flour Direct Shop

Sack only Shop

The new Sack Shop, only sells our range of 16kg and 25kg sacks of flour.

Visit the Sack Shop

Delivery slots

For these unusual times we are running a system of delivery slots for each shop. To start shopping, you need to have a delivery slot.

Delivery slots are released throughout the day, although due to the demand it can be difficult to get one. Please bear with us. If you would like to place an order, please follow the below steps:

  1. Select either the Flour Direct Shop or the Sack Shop.
  2. Delivery slots become available throughout the day, when you get a delivery slot submit your email address using the box provided to "Request a delivery slot".
  3. You will receive an email with a link, this may take a few hours to arrive, the link will give you 24 hours to make a purchase from the shop. Please shop considerately.
  4. We will fulfill your order as soon as possible, and will aim to despatch it within 7 working days.

IMPORTANT - please note:

  • There is unusually high demand for a slot at present with many people trying to register, so it might be initially difficult to get one. Please bear with us, we are processing as many orders as possible and releasing more every day.
  • After you register your email, and await the link to the online shop please make sure you check your junk mail as well. We are unable to reissue your email link and do not want you to miss your invitation.

Whilst not ideal, these measures allow us to keep delivering a steady flow of flour to as many people as possible. We are sorry we can’t take everyone’s order, and we are doing our very best. For any urgent queries not answered below, please contact us on enquiries@shipton-mill.com.

Micro bakeries and community bakeries

For our Micro bakeries and community bakeries who are striving to feed the community, we will continue to offer your full range of flours, please call the Mill on 01666 505050 and speak with Rebekah or Louise if you cannot order what you need though the website.

Thank you for bearing with us during this difficult time, we are very grateful for all your support. We hope you are all keeping safe and well and we are excited to be able to help get you and the family baking at home.

The Shipton Millers


  • What time do you release delivery slots?

Delivery slots are not released at a set time.

The slots are released throughout the day to prevent the website from crashing. When we have hit our maximum capacity for what we can pack and despatch that day we stop releasing the slots. The next batch of slots is released upon completion of the previous.

This system, whilst not ideal, enables us to keep the online shop open and ensures we do not have to close the shop again to clear any backlog.

  • I can’t get a delivery slot, can I place my order over social media or email instead?

We are not able to bypass the website ordering system or accept orders through social media. We are very sorry if you have not been able to get a slot yet, please keep trying. We hope as Supermarkets get back into stock with flour, pressure on our site will reduce and we will be able to send out your order much more swiftly.

  • I have been trying for days and can’t get a slot, what should I do?

We are releasing a fresh batch of orders every day, throughout each day, to our maximum capacity. We are very sorry if you have not been able to get a slot, but we are unable to take a larger amount of daily orders at present while remaining open at the same time.

Please do keep checking back as more slots will be released every day going forwards. The demand has been so high we are not able to get to everyone, but we are doing our best to make sure we get flour to as many people as possible.

We are also working on increasing our capacity in the next two weeks to allow us to take more orders which should mean it will become easier to obtain a slot.

  • Are you still releasing slots?

Slots are released every day, in batches, until we hit our capacity for what we can pack and despatch that day. If you don’t get a slot one day, please do try again the next.

  • When will you reopen your online shop?

Our online shop is open, but with the above queuing system in place. This prevents the website from crashing and filters orders through at a rate we are able to pack and despatch until we hit capacity for that day.

If you can’t see any order slots it does not mean we have closed, there will just be a wait time until we have completed the previous batch of orders to release more slots.

  • I can’t get a delivery slot but am willing to drive, can I collect the flour instead?

Door sales are once again up and running please call in advance to arrange collection. 01666 505050.

  • I haven’t been able to get a delivery slot, should I keep checking or have you closed?

We have not closed, please do check back as more order slots will be made available as soon as we have completed the previous batch.