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Gluten-Free Bread Recipes

These recipes have all been developed with and tested using our range of gluten-free flours. Many are the work of our in-house team - these are under the #gfshiptonmill / #gfsm label. Others are provided by our friends and customers.


Gluten-Free Sorghum & Buckwheat Yeasted Bread

If you use a longish 25x10cm loaf tin, together with a baking sheet for a lid in this recipe, you'll get light loaf, delicious toasted and great with savoury toppings. Using a baking tray for a 'lid' converts your tin into a 'Pullman Loaf' tin, so called because the long narrow shape resembles a train carriage, and makes lots of slices for sandwiches. The lid helps to keep the steam in and preventing it from drying out whilst baking, and the loaf rises to fill the rectangular shape giving you the perfect slice every time.

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Gluten-free bread with buckwheat, rice and potato flour

If you have a sensitive gut you may find it difficult to find a loaf that suits you - the mixture of seeds and flours are rich in nutrients and flavour and texture to the bread, but are gluten free.

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