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Non-Organic Fresh Yeast

Non-Organic Fresh Yeast

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Fresh yeast is a living micro-organism which ferments with the natural sugars in flour. (Please Note: we do not despatch live yeast on a Friday)

For a 500g loaf you will need on average 10g of fresh yeast but it will depend on the recipes you use.

Despatch of Fresh Yeast

We do not despatch live yeast on a Friday since it would die a slow and lingering death in the courier's depot over the weekend. If you place an order on a Friday which includes live yeast, please allow for the fact that your order will not be despatched until the following Monday.


It should look firm and moist with a cream colour. If it is dry then it is stale. Fresh yeast has a very short life of up to 3 weeks, it is advised to use it at its freshest for it to produce the best results. It can be stored in the fridge if it is going to be used within a few days.

Longer term storage

If you are wishing to store it for a longer period of time it can also be stored in the freezer, wrapped in cling film. Bread loaf results won't be as good as non-frozen yeast, and you may need to increase the amount of defrosted yeast used compared to fresh yeast which hasn’t been frosted.

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Shipton Mill Cookbook – A Handful of Flour

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A Handful of Flour

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Common questions

When will my order be delivered?

We endeavour to despatch your order within 3-5 working days. For orders received before 11am we do our utmost to deliver next working day but this is not guaranteed. More ...

What do you charge for delivery?

We offer Free Delivery to most parts of the country on order values of £30 or more up to a maximum weight of 100kg; standard delivery on orders below £30 is £6. More ...

How can I keep an eye on my orders?

Your orders are stored on our system - you can save your basket to come back later and you can re-fill your basket with the items from your previous orders. Log in to My Shipton Mill to find out more.

How should I store my flour and how long will it keep?

Ideally flour should be kept in a sealed container in a cool dry place with stable temperature. Typically white flour has a shelf life from milling of 12 months. Wholemeal flour will be good for 6 months. More ...