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Vegan Apple Pie

1lb Cooking Apples

4 oz self raising flour

4 oz plain flour (pastry flour)

4 oz (hard) coconut oil

sugar to taste

pinch of salt

non-dairy milk to brush top

enough cold water to make dough (approx 3 tbl spoons)


Mix the four and salt together and rub in the coconut oil until it is like breadcrumbs

Add water and bring together to make a dough.

Roll out half the dough and line the pie dish.

Fill with chopped apple (peeled and cored) and add sugar to taste.

Roll out the remaining dough and cover the apple. Pinch the edges. Brush with non-dairy milk and sprinkle with sugar. Make a couple of air holes in the top.

Put onto a hot baking tray (to avoid a soggy bottom) and bake at 200 C for about 30 mins.