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Crispy yet chewy sourdough pizza

Ingredients (makes 4 pizza bases):

300g strong white flour

200g Tipo 00 flour (or plain flour)

310g lukewarm water (62% hydration)

10g salt

80g sourdough starter

10g oilve oil


1. Dissolve salt in water, add starter and mix it well.

2. Add the flour and mix/knead it until no dry bits remain. Rest for 30 minutes.

3. Add the oil, knead and rest for 30 minutes.

4. Knead it or stretch & fold, make into a smooth ball.

6. Bulk ferment in an oiled bowl for 4 hours. Shouldn't be massive. You're looking for a "semi rise"

7. Divide into 4 balls. 900g dough in total,divided into four 225g balls.

8. Fold the doughs into each other and make them into balls. Cover and proof at room temperature for 4-5 hours.

9. Place in the fridge between 12-24 hours. Or bake immediately.

10. Take the doughs out of the fridge, use mix of Tipo 00/Semolina flour to dust them, and stape the into pizza bases. Move air towards the edges.

11. Add toppings.

12. Bake at 250c/maximum temperature on a preheated cast iron pan (or baking steel) for 10-15 minutes.