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Wonderful wholemeal bread!

Two light, tasty wholemeal loaves with zero fuss. It came from one of the UK's first vegetarian restaurants - Stones, in Wiltshire. With the addition of Shipton Mill flour, it's incredible! Sorry about the upside down photo - it won't respond!

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3tbsps set honey or 5-6 of runny

3 tbsps dried easy bake yeast (though I use only half this and allow more time for flavour to develop over a slower rise - your call)

1 pint hand hot water.

Put all the above in a large bowl and leave to froth (about 5 minutes)

150g white bread flour of your choice - I like Stoneground White

150g granary type flour such as Light Malthouse or 3 Malts and sunflower

2tbsp salt (I prefer just over 1 but this is a matter of personal taste)

1 tbsp carob flour - I use cocoa powder with great success!

5 tbsps sunflower oil, though you could use rapeseed

Add all the above to the frothed liquid and mix in a stand mixer or beat by hand 100 times

150g of the same granary flour used above

425 - 500g wholemeal flour of your choice. (I use a mixture of Organic Wholemeal, spelt and strongest, or extra coarse but the world's your lobster here. Go for it! I never have any trouble using the higher amount)

Blend in the granary flour first then add the remainder a little at a time until combined. Knead or use dough hook until smooth and satiny.

Turn into a greased bowl, cover with cling or plastic bag and prove about 60 minutes or until well-risen. 

Turn out and punch out the air, shape into desired form or use 2x2lb loaf tins. Slash dough and leave to prove again - about  60-90 minutes this time. Pop in a hot oven 160c for 30-35 minutes depending how brown you like the crust. If liked, return to the oven upside down to further brown the base. 

Sit on your fingers until you can cut a slice!!


Added by: Gail Gregory

Tags: Wholemeal Bread

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have just lost the only commercial bread i can eat . . no understanding or explanation from the supermarket. we can't all eat cheap bread. used to make homemade for over 30yrs. now too yeasty & time consuming. sourdough undoes my histamine defences though love making it. thought this was a wholemeal. it isn't & absolutely no use to folks with damaged pancreases (no,not diabetic) or IBS. amount of yeast & honey criminal. label should be tasty bread containing some wholemeal

Ms Caroline A Murray 15 August 2021


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