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Wholemeal with a flying sponge

Lighten the texture of your wholemeal loaf by setting a flying sponge.

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This recipe uses a flying sponge to produce a lighter wholemeal loaf.

Flying sponge


Wholemeal flour           100gr

Fresh yeast                   10gr

Water                          150gr


Place the ingredient in a bowl and cream together. Set to one side for 45 mins, or until it drops, then ....

Wholemeal loaf


Wholemeal flour           400gr

Salt                               10gr

Sponge as above          260gr

Water                          210gr


Add the flying sponge to the ingredients and develop to a full silky soft dough. The softer you can handle, the better it will be, as the bran can still take on moisture through the fermentation process.

Finished dough temperature should be warm - 25°C to 28°C if you want to get technical, but warm should be fine.

Cover and allow it to have a one hour bulk fermentation.

After the bulk fermentation, knock back the dough and form the shape you like. Allow another 20 mins intermediate proof before giving it its final mould.

The final proof will be about 35 to 50 mins - if your dough is happy always take it slightly under proved.

Every oven will be different but a good guide for the baking temperature would be 220°C to 230°C. It should be ready in 30-35 mins, according to personal taste.

HINT: If you want it to be even lighter, set the flying sponge with white flour.

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Flying Sponge

I am a retired award winning Master Baker & used many of the range of Shipton Mill Flours , this recipe is almost fool proof I get fantastic results every time

MrBreadBaker 07 November 2019

RE: Flying Sponge

I’ve ordered the organic light malt house flour please can you advise at what point do I add the flying sponge to a bread maker and what quantity of dried yeast for a 400g loaf. Many thanks

Mrs Karen Hawkridge 20 April 2020


Lovely recipe made with extra coarse ground WW flour

Annefb 08 October 2015

Flying sponge
This is very good and works fine in the bread machine. I tend to use the wonderful coarse wholemeal with 100-150gms of organic white, maybe some of the seed mix, too.

Lee Coppack - Lee 18 April 2012


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