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Wholemeal Spelt bread

This is positively the easiest and most tasty Spelt bread recipe I have come across. Turns out perfectly every time and has become an often requested favourite of my clients. It takes next to no prep time, keeps well and is fab for toasting too!

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Pre-heat oven to 200°C

500g Wholemeal Spelt (or white works just as well)

150g 5 Seed Blend (some extra for topping)

10-12g dried active yeast or 32-34g fresh yeast (I use a bit more yeast for the wholemeal flour as it's heavier and needs a bit more lift)

1/2 tsp salt

500ml water


Mix all dry ingredients together, dissolve the fresh yeast in warm water (dried yeast can be added to the flour/seed mix) and mix well with the water.

It's a very wet dough, more like a cake mix but that's how it should be.

Brush a loaf tin with olive oil, fill with the mixture, brush top with Olive oil and sprinkle extra seed on top.

Place in pre-heated oven for 1 hour

then take out of the tin and put loaf back in for another 5-10min (usually 5min are enough)

Let it cool down and enjoy



I started using the 5 seed blend instead of the original

50g Sesame seeds

50g Sunflower seeds

50g Linseeds

(which I've used for the loafs in the photo)

Either works really well

Happy Baking :)



Added by: Claudia Lenz-Archer

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Wholemeal spelt bread

Came across this recipe & made the loaf. Was sceptical that it would work as there is no proving but it does ! I made the loaf exactly to the recipe but with the addition of 1 tsp honey. I used 12g "Easy Bake" yeast. Amazingly the loaf rose well in the oven. I found the loaf took only 40 mins at 200 degrees plus an extra 5 mins in the oven out of the tin. The resulting loaf is soft & moist. Makes great toast ! Will definitely make this again but perhaps bake for an extra 10 mins in the tin at a lower temperature so that it is less moist. Mr Roy Wilson is completely wrong...... the heat of the oven does not instantly kill yeast. If it did no bread would ever rise in the oven ! Has he never heard of oven spring where the bread rises rapidly in the first 10 mins of being put in the oven ? If this recipe did not work for him then either his yeast was already "dead" or he did something wrong. This recipe does work and it's a great option if you want to bake a quick loaf without any kneading or proving.

Heather55 14 August 2017

Wholemeal Spelt bread

Just tasted whole meal spelt bread recipe I made two hours ago. It rose really well and tastes really great. Anton 04 Aug 2017

anton 04 August 2017


What size loaf tin 1lb or 2lb?? Just about to try for first time

Mrs Kizzy Harris 06 June 2017


2lb loaf tin

Heather55 14 August 2017

Wholemeal Spelt Bread recipe

I was interested to find a recipe for spelt bread that doesn't require kneading or proving and can't wait to try it. I usually make spelt bread with one third wheat flour in my bread machine on a short program. This turns out fine but of course it is not just spelt which is what I really want. The question that I would like to ask is will it turn out O.K. if I omit the seeds? Also, what size loaf tin did you use?

phyl 27 May 2017

RE: Wholemeal Spelt Bread recipe

500g flour requires a 2lb loaf tin.

Heather55 14 August 2017

Second Attempt

Yum -yum! I looked up gram to tsp of dried yeast converter and it is between 3 and 4 tsps like you said - my loaf came out the same though. A bit tastier this time, but rose wonky and stuck to the bottom again. I just finished using some old yeast (still fizzed in water tho) so perhaps it's to do with that. And maybe the pan v's the halogen oven. You have to tweek with a halogen. Delish anyway!

Amy 31 March 2017

Not bad for a first attempt in the halogen oven!

Hi, I left a message further down about the conversion provided for cups 'n' spoons. The update is, it went pretty well considering my little rack was on a slight tilt and made it rise wonky (at least I think this would be the cause), plus what I said about gauging how much yeast to put in, then putting more in late! I also had no baking parchment so it stuck to my cake tin and the bottom had to separate from the top in order to remove it. I've salvaged what I can - stuck it back together, levered the crusts off the bottom of the pan to use as hummus dips :D...apart from all that, the texture is bouncy and well risen, a weeny bit dry but that would probably be to do with my yeast situation (that sounds unhealthy) or perhaps the halogen oven. It's very tasty - the crust is on a very fine line between lovely and too hard. I'd be cautious about feeding it to an eldery person, for instance. Is there a way I can get the crust a little softer? Often I have to cover the top loosely when making bread in halogen - maybe I will try that next time and see if it helps the top from becoming igneous. thanks loads for this doddle of a recipe - oh yeah - I also didn't have any seeds. It was all quite impromptu after the flour was delivered just this morning - it turned out fine!

Amy 29 March 2017



ALISON 13 March 2017


Just made this Loaf for the first time tonight and it came out great,190c in a fan oven,very easy and tasty too.

Richard G Jenkinson 03 March 2017

fresh yeast

If I"ll use fresh yeast how much i grams I need to use?

1971 Daniela Padolska 04 January 2017

RE: fresh yeast

I did this bread too but I used sprouted whole spelt flour, pumpkin seed, linseed, and chia seed. I baked it in 200C for 15 minutes and 180c for 45 minutes. It is crusty but I like it.

Luzcal 23 February 2017

Perfect loaf every time

I made this loaf for the first time a few weeks ago and have never made bread before. This is a easy recepe and it turned out perfect the first time. I've since baked several loaves using a different variety of seeds and again turned out perfect.

Mijooles 19 September 2016

RE: Perfect loaf every time

Oh forgot to thank you for the recepe so thanks x

Mijooles 19 September 2016

Soggy bread

So I made this loaf, it looked glorious from the outside, but was completely soggy and uncooked on the inside. The outside was seriously 'crusty' - so crusty it could probably break teeth! I'm not sure what went wrong as I followed the recipe. Maybe I need to cook it slow and low, rather than on 200c as I've got a fan oven? Any help is welcome!

AliceEmG 19 April 2016

RE: Soggy bread

Hi Alice, the exact same thing has just happened to mine, and it's so disappointing. I'd read your post before, and so had already reduced the temperature to 180 fan. Did you have another go? I know my yeast is good as I've got some of the same in something else I'm baking. If you have any advice please let me know!

SophSoph 15 July 2016

RE: Soggy bread

Try it again fowolling the intruction

susan 23 October 2016

Spekt Bread

I tried this recipe for th first time last week as a novice baker. It worked really well and rose to the occasion. The crust was very hard but I think that is because my oven runs hot. I tried an alternative recipe where the dough was proved before baking and suprprisingly the loaf didn't rise anything like as much as with this recipe! Great recipe, and so easy.

Nick Goddard 24 February 2016


Made this recipe for wholemeal spelt bread yesterday, almost unable to believe that there was no kneading or proving. The resulting loaf is very well risen and really delicious. I emailed the link to my daughter who made the recipe today and she also had a great result. I wonder if reviewer who had unrisen bread was using stale yeast, which can result in very poor rise. Certainly the recipe, as given, is a winner.

Missus 24 January 2016

RE: Wonderful

I was just as surprised when I first tried it. And it definitely works every time. Another variation that I love is replacing the seeds with chopped up walnuts (150g) and if you have, walnut oil instead of olive oil to grease the tin. Gives the bread an awesome colour and great flavour (if you like Walnuts, that is ;) )

Claudia Lenz-Archer 10 February 2016

I want to use spelt and molasses. Could i put say half. Cup of molasses in this recipe.

Bluelapis 18 November 2015


Never tried it and don't see the need for it.

Claudia Lenz-Archer 10 February 2016

Recipe in cups &teaspoons

Please put recipe in cups & teaspoons

Carole A Cornet 12 October 2015

RE: Recipe in cups &teaspoons

3 1/2 cups flour. 1/2 cups of each seed, sunflower, sesame, linseed. 3 1/2 teaspoos dry yeast granules, 2 cups warm water Hope this helps

denjo 25 June 2016

RE: Recipe in cups &teaspoons

Hi! I am just having a go at this using a halogen oven. I prefer cups and spoons measurement so thank you for the conversion. Would I be right in thinking it's really 3.5 tablespoons of yeast and not teaspoons? Or maybe dessert spoons? I put 3.5 tsp, the dough was ready in the pan, then I realised that it wasn't even a 7g sachet and the recipe said 10-12g of yeast. Normal bread generally uses a 7g sachet in my experience. My scales are really old 70's ones and don't even work properly so it was too small a measure to get right. I ended up using what I guessed to be 1.5 sachets (7g) of fast action yeast. It's in the oven now, Lord knows what will happen. Do let me know if you meant a bigger spoon than teaspoon as I will try it again if this doesn't work. Cheers.

Amy 29 March 2017

Absolutely delicious!

I made this yesterday, it turned out great, I was surprised how much it rose in the oven! It tastes delicious and today at a day old it is still great. Many thanks for sharing your recipe :-)

Jayney_A 26 July 2015

5seed mix

Would you just clarify what the 5 seed mix is please,thank you

Steven Ricks 29 May 2015

RE: 5seed mix

It's Shipton Mill's 5 seed mix as listed under products

Claudia Lenz-Archer 10 February 2016

If the mixture is put straight into a preheated oven as instructed, the temperature of the oven will immediately kill the yeast and the bread will not rise. This recipe as printed does not work.

Mr Roy Wilson 24 August 2014


Have you tried it? It sure works every time. And the instructions are accurate.

Claudia Lenz-Archer 25 August 2014


I have tried it -it produces an unleavened bread as the yeast has been killed by the temperature of the oven. Maybe this is what you desire

Mr Roy Wilson 26 August 2014


I have tried it -it produces an unleavened bread as the yeast has been killed by the temperature of the oven. Maybe this is what you desire

Mr Roy Wilson 26 August 2014


I am sorry, you're having issues with the recipe. All I can say is you must have made a mistake somewhere along the line. I have produced over 20 loafs exactly as instructed above (and I have checked the recipe again if i made a mistake writing it out). If you don't believe me ... you can google the recipe. it was originally in the Daily Telegraph a few years ago and has spread to many bread baking sites, e.g. this one http://www.truefood.coop/RecipesSpeltBread.cfm It does work!

Claudia Lenz-Archer 27 August 2014

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