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Wholemeal Sourdough

This is my 24hr wholemeal sourdough recipe using Shipton Mill bread flour. It tastes a lot better than shop bought, although I may be biased.

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540g White Bread Flour

50g Wholemeal Flour

12g Rye Flour

400g Warm Water

100g Wholemeal Starter

13g salt


Mix flours with 380g water.

Autolyse for 1hr.

Add starter.

Rest 1hr.

Add salt mixed with 20g water.

Rest 30min.

Stretch and fold. Rest 30min.

Repeat last two steps 6 times.

Rest 4hrs.

Shape, place in proving basket, and place in fridge.

Prove for 18hrs (overnight).

Bake for 25mins in 240 deg C with water in oven.

Remove dutch oven lid. Bake for 25mins at 210 deg C.

Rest for 2hrs. Enjoy.

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Almost baking this today

I say almost because I haven't got any rye flour (doh!) but I am using Shipton Mill's French 55 - oh la la, la Francois - your delightful organic whole wheat, and depending on Mrs Lego - my trusty 'world's strongest woman' to do the lifting. (Mrs Lego is my beautiful starter BTW). Unfortunately I'm baking for the very first time in my spanky new big mester's oven and I'm not really sure how the dang thing works so I'm not holding my breath.... At least I can't blame the your recipe if I fail though can I? Ha ha!

Mr Andrew Maskery-Thompson 16 October 2021


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