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White & Wheat Seeded Sourdough - (overnight cold proving)

This is a variation on the sourdough bread recipe taught at the E5 Bakehouse bread master class in Hackney, London. A very moist dough with a great open crumb and superb crust. Best made using a regular stretch and fold method with wet hands each time, plus a slow overnight proving in the fridge to give the bread its open crumb and depth of flavour. The cold proofing also helps the dough hold its shape while transferring from the bowl via the peel to the oven. (Don’t worry about putting straight into the oven from the fridge. If the oven is at max heat - approx. 250c - then it will spring up beautifully.)

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First mix
210g White leaven at 1:1 / flour:water (best if 24 hours after last refresh)
336g Warm filtered water
440g Strong white bread flour
120g Stoneground wholemeal flour
70g Dark rye flour

Mix and leave covered (shower cap or similar ) in a bowl for 20 mins.

Second Mix
14g Fine sea salt
56g Warm water
84g Mixed seed mix (Shipton Mill &/or Omega Seed mix)

Mix the salt, water and seeds into the dough – best method is to ‘squidge’ the dough in your hand to get everything to combine. Fold the mixed dough a few times – pulling from the sides into the middle and turning the bowl as you go. NB. The dough will at first seem far too wet, but don’t worry as the seeds will soak up most of the extra liquid within 20 or so minutes.
• Bulk ferment for 3 hours, stretching and folding every 30 mins with a wet hand(s). After each stretch and fold, cover the bowl again with the shower cap and leave in a warm place for the 30 mins. The dough temperature should be about 24-26°C.
• After around 3 hours of this stretch & fold the dough will have plumped up nicely. It will be holding the air and also the water.
• Tip the loose dough onto a floured surface and loosely shape into an upturned ball by folding the edges onto the middle, before putting it into your banneton (basket) seam side up. Cover with a lint-free cloth and put onto a tray inside a black bin bag to prove overnight in the fridge.
• Preheat oven to its highest temperature with a baking stone or heavy baking tray. Place a baking dish or metal food container on the floor of the oven and fill with boiling water to create steam.
• Turn the loaf out onto semolina sprinkled peel, score, open the oven and quickly slide from the peel onto the baking stone or tray.
• Bake at the ovens highest temperature for 25 minutes.
Lower the temperature to 220°C and bake without steam for 10-15 more minutes.

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White and wheat seeded sourdough

This is the best sourdough bread recipe I have found and I have been baking sourdough for 5 years plus. I have been making it every week for the last 6 months or so. The crust is very dark almost burnt but the loaf is delicious.

Virginia 17 August 2017

RE: White and wheat seeded sourdough

Glad you enjoy this bread as much as I do. I do sometimes reduce the initial 250 degree with steam cooking time to 18-20 mins and then give it the same lower temp no steam time for a golden finish. Still delicious but slightly less dark a crust. Toasts beautifully. If you like a Scandi sour Rye I recommend the recipe I listed in the Rye section 'Scandinavian Cracked Rye Bread (2/3 rye, 1/3 white)'. It is the best Rye bread recipe I have found after many years trying and really, really easy to make once you have the initial starter going. It's no knead. FAB!

2ncook 18 August 2017

Regarding the White & Wheat Seeded Sourdough

Thank you very much for your response, 2nd Cook:). I shall give this a go!

Ms Maren Johannsen 12 February 2016

Question regarding the White & Wheat Seeded Sourdough

Hello there, Please could you elaborate on the meaning of "210g White leaven at 1:1 / flour:water (best if 24 hours after last refresh)". When I have made an overnight sourdough bread before I made sure I had a very bubbly active starter, whilst "24 hours after refresh" sounds as if it has been put back in the fridge after the refresh? Sorry, I am a bit confused. Thanks, Maren

Ms Maren Johannsen 11 February 2016

RE: Question regarding the White & Wheat Seeded Sourdough

Hi Sorry, perhaps I was not clear. If you already have an active starter then go ahead and use it. I find it is good to a have a hungry starter so leave it out of the fridge overnight or up to 24 hrs after you last refreshed it - then use it. Personally I now use very little of my old starter from my fridge (only really the residue in a kilner jar) then make up the starter amount I need with the flour and water - then leave the 24 hours as above.

2ncook 11 February 2016

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