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Weekly sourdough bread

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A basic recipe for my weekly sourdough bread:


500 g bread flour
(I use all white #4, or any mix that I feel like experimenting on the day - buckwheat , spelt, rye, seeded flour)

190-200 g starter

300-350 ml water

10 g salt

Weekly sourdoughMethod

I keep in the fridge 50g of starter every week. On friday evening I refresh the starter with 100 g flour, 90 ml water. By the following morning, it has bubbled a lot, doubling in volume.

Keep 50 g for the next batch. Use the remaining 190g and mix with the flour and water. Let autolyse 15-30 minutes before adding the salt. Autolyse helps the gluten relax and form, the following kneading is then easier and shorter.

Add the salt and knead for 5-10 minutes. Leave for 1st fementation for 3-5 hours depending on ambiant temperature, folding every 40 minutes 2-3 times.

Shape and place in a banneton then leave for another 1.5-2 hours before placing in a hot oven 240C with steam. Reduce to 210C after 15-20 minutes and leave another 30 minutes in the oven.

Resist the temptation of slicing as soon as it is out of the oven and eat when cool, preferably the following day.

Added by: Anne Chapman

Tags: Sourdough

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The Best Results for Sourdough

I made a sourdough starter from the River Cottage Bread Book but couldn't get it to work with their recipe for sourdough.. So I tried your recipe and had the best result I've ever had. I've made 2 now the 1st was just your normal recipe and it turned out really well. The second I used the same recipe but added some Diastatic Malt Flour which rose even better.

All Ways Cross 29 March 2015

RE: The Best Results for Sourdough

Thank you so much for letting me know you have tried the recipe. I hope you will bake many more great loaves. I remember seeing the River Cottage recipe from Hughes' everyday cookbook and thinking that there was a lot of starter used for a smaller proportion of flour and therefore never tried it. Wishing you lots of happy baking. Anne

Mrs Anne Chapman 30 March 2015

I make Vermont Sourdough Bread -from Jeffrey Hamelman Book Its taken me awhile to get it right -but i have now got it .I make Two loaves of Bread at a time Three times a week and use the same method as you do' But i knead the dough a little after mixing leave it shaggy i use the autolyse method of rest and then add the salt (my taste is a little less Salt then my recipe states) and then finish the kneading of the dough-- fermentation-2-hours folding once after 50 minutes--turn out and divide and shape---leave to rest for a few minutes covered --shape and tray up and cover and leave to double in size and cook for 35-40 minutes. It now flows with my day and is not hard work or difficult' the secret is to bake often and to get it to fit around your day and with the Flour from Shiptons Mill-It is a lovely Bread and good for us.

ANNE BAALHAM - Mrs B 31 December 2012

Not clear whether once you refresh the starter do you put it in a warm place overnight?

Gavin Robinson - gerob76@ntlworld.com 08 December 2012

I leave my starter in the kitchen covered with cling film overnight once its refreshed its not to warm and it seems to work better.

ANNE BAALHAM - Mrs B 31 December 2012

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