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Walnut and Fig Sourdough

Walnut, fig and grated apple sourdough, makes a delicious brie and baby spinach toasty. Good for you with complex carbs, and fruit fibre.

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500g Strong white bread flour

25g sourdough starter at it's peak

10g medium/fine salt

4 partially rehydrated figs chopped

40g crushed walnuts

1 small grated apple

300ml tepid water



Mix sourdough starter, grated apple and 250 ml of water, until starter is disolved. Add 500g of flour, chopped figs and crushed walnuts. Mix until combined. Leave dough to autolyse (flour absorbing water) for 30 minutes. Sprinkle salt over the top and disolve by pouring the remainding 50ml of water.


By hand: perform 10 stretch and folds (lift part of the dough up from the side and press into the middle with knuckles, swivel bowl 90 degrees and repeat). Cover bowl and leave dough to relax for 25 minutes.

By stand mixer: using dough hook mix for 10 seconds on slow speed. Cover and leave to relax for 25 minutes.

Repeat process 3 more times (4 kneads in total), then leave covered at room temperature overnight (6-12 hours dependent on room temperature.)


Punch down dough and transfer to lightly floured surface, shape into a round by lifting up sides and pushing into the centre. Place smooth side down into a floured banneton (rice flour or wholemeal rye works well). Leave to prove for 3-6 hours just under double in size. (24c is optimum dough temperature = 3 hours prove, if your house is cooler then this it will take longer.)


Place dough in fridge whilst preheating oven as hot as it will go (250c) for 30 mins, with either a heavy bottom tray, baking stone or large lidded cast iron casserole pot inside, aswellas an empty grill tray on the bottom rack. Turn dough out on to preheated tray/stone/casserole and slash with a scalpal, lame or razor blade. Pour a cup of water into the empty grill tray, then move the dough into the oven. Turn temperature down to 230c and bake for 15 mins, then turn down to 200c for 15 mins, remove and leave to cool on wire rack for best bread. (internal cooked temperature 98c if using a thermometer). 


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