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Vinschgauer Paarl – South Tyrolean aromatic rolls

There are a few recipes of Vinschger Paarl on the net, but all of them uses yeast, so I've been experimenting using only with sourdough culture and taste just like the one I ate in South Tyrol. My South Tyrolean husband approved it :)

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100 g rye flour (Shipton Mill light rye)
100 ml water
20g sourdough starter (Shipton Mill dark rye)

250 g rye flour (Shipton Mill light rye)
140 g wheat flour (Shipton Mill No.1)
350g water
10 g salt
5 g fennel
2.5 g cumin seeds


Mix 100g rye and 100m water and 20g starter, leave it overnight.

Mix the levain with the other ingredients and leave for 2hr to 4 hours until its double the size. Divide into 9 pieces of similar size and form small rolls on a generously floured surface. Arrange on an oven tray lined with oil or baking sheet, either in pairs or singly, leave for 45 min to 90min, then bake in a pre-heated oven at 220° C for approx. 20 min.Cool for 20min. Taste better for the next day. Enjoy with a generous amount of butter or cheese!

Added by: Akikoshishido

Tags: Bread Rye Sourdough

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RE: Vinschgerl

Hi, I have not yet tried this recipe, though I will do at some point as I love this bread from my visits to the Vinchgau! I too have looked and some of the Ploetz videos - most informative but I found a combination of tutorial videos from www.marcelpaa.com (Swiss master baker) and www.krusteundkrume.at (Wiener baker) really helpful, especially the Kruste und Krume forming video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPuimLM8y-Y

GaryC 12 July 2021

RE: RE: Vinschgerl

Hi, I tried this today and must say that I think the dough comes out too wet with the suggested quantity of water. I could work it with a lot of flour and the result was good, except the hers/spices. First, I think the quantity is about 4 times too much comparing with some South Tyrolian recipes I read as well while baking and, more importantly, I think you have a translation error. One should be adding Kümmel, which is caraway, not cumin. The taste was therefore too strong and in the wrong direction for Vinchgauer... So, I will definitely have another go but use perhaps 50g less water to start with and about 4 to 5g in total of Fennel, Caraway and, if I can get it, Blue Fenugreek.

GaryC 15 July 2021


Are you really using 350 ml water in the main dough with 390 g flour? That seems very wet to me, how do you manage to shape round rolls ? I am German and desperate to make those rolls!

BakerSus 29 October 2020

RE: Vinschgerl

Hi, yes, it’s difficult to handle. in fact I used to use 400g water for this. There are a few YouTube videos In German, demonstrate how to shape this dough. I’d use generous amount of flour to dust on your worktop. Alternatively you could just scoop up the dough and placed it to oiled and floured baking sheet straight - still tasty

Akikoshishido 29 October 2020

RE: Vinschgerl

Thank you for your reply. A similar recipe from a German Sourdough baking Guru, Ploetz ( Lutz Geisler) suggested only 200 ml of water in the main dough with similar amounts of flour. I used wholemeal rye and white rye, as only Shiptons rye flour gives the Ash content ( Type), which is used in Germany. I need to practise and watch the videos. I normally bake my breads in the casserole dish to trap the steam.

BakerSus 29 October 2020

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