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Three Malts & Sunflower Seed Loaf (Breadmaker Recipe)

For any busy mum who thinks, "Can I use a bread maker to make great bread?" The answer is yes!!!!

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A recipe posted on our Facebook page by Sarah Evans Chambers.

For any busy mum who thinks, "Can I use a bread maker to make great bread?" The answer is yes!!!! I bought a Panasonic breadmaker. Some nights I am so tired I can't even think straight!!! I have however found an amazing recipe that you can remember and do really with your eyes shut and the loaf is fantastic!!!

It uses the 3 malt and sunflower seed flour. I do this when I am shattered. Works every time.

3 Malts and Sunflower Seed Breadmaker LoafYou will need:

500g of Organic 3 Malts and Sunflower Seed Flour.

... (So half the bag. The next night no need to measure as you got 500g left in the bag).

Then it's 1 of everything:

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon sugar

1 teaspoon dried quick yeast.

1 big glug of olive oil.

Then all threes 333ml water


On program 6. Xl loaf.

It's always fab!!!!"

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3 malts

Loved the recipe, easy to follow including the setting to use and turned out fab! Thank you

Weefifer 21 July 2020

3Malts & Sunflower Bread-5 STARS

Easy to do and turned out looking exactly like the pic. I left the salt out & it was perfect. :)

Bakingmad 21 June 2015

Three Malts & Sunflower Seed Loaf (Breadmaker Recipe)

Made this bread yesterday, wonderful and tasty

Rullow 03 July 2014


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