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The perfect loaf for toast

The best white toast is crisp on the outside but warm and flavoursome on the inside. This is the secret to perfect crunchy toast, every time - thanks to the spelt.

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For two 500g loaves

850g strong white flour

150g white spelt flour

600ml water

A splash of oil

14g yeast

15g salt


Use the standard bread baking method:

1. Activate the yeast if required in warm water

2. Mix all the ingredients together until you have a smooth dough (approx 10 mins)

3. Form into a ball, dust with flour, leave it, covered, until it's doubled in size (approx 40-60 mins)

4. Knock back so it shrinks in size. Split in half and form two balls

5. Form into loaves / drop into bread tins

6. Dust with flour, leave it, covered, until it's doubled in size again (approx 30-45 mins)

7. Bake in a pre-heated oven 220C for 10 mins, then turn down to 200C for the remainder. If browning quickly, turn down to 180C. They will take approx 30 mins - ready when you tap the bottoms and get a hollow sound in return

8. Leave to cool

Added by: Hi Fans

Tags: White Spelt

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14g of fresh or dried yeast? Thank you.

Aleksandra Sidor 07 June 2020

RE: Yest

Dried yeast. I use the type you activate for 10 mins in warm water beforehand.

Hi Fans 08 June 2020

Steve recommendation

Crazy Baker Steve, recommended you. I want to make loaves of bread for Sandwiches. I make 3 loaves at a time, With 3 cups of wheat, 3 cups of plain white unbleached. 3 Tbs. active rise yeast. 3 tsp. Raw honey, 1 Tbs. sea salt. Steve said you could help me find the right Strong white flour and whole wheat for this bread. I am in the US, so I also do not know what your figures mean. Would you show me please how much the prices are using US rate of exchange. Thank you, Deborah Minton

Deborah Minton/ deborahminton@comcast.net 25 September 2019

RE: Steve recommendation

I also meant to say it is important to me that this flour is non GMO. Organic, and also I use 4 cups distilled water with trace minerals added to make that recipe I just submitted. If your loaf has a better recipe please let me know.

Deborah Minton/ deborahminton@comcast.net 25 September 2019

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