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Taste the difference style multi seed loaf

Since making my own bread, I have tried to create a taste the difference multi seed loaf from a supermarket in store bakery, combining various Shipton mill ingredients my family and I agree I have managed it, and, we think, it's actually better. A fresh loaf doesn't get cooling time in our house!

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Combining various Shipton mill ingredients my family and I agree I have managed it, and, we think, it's actually better.  A fresh loaf doesn't get cooling time in our house!


Makes 2 1lb loaves

1lb wholemeal flour (we use stoneground 100% wholemeal, 210)

6oz white bread flour

6oz Shipton mill rye flour (we prefer dark rye (603))

4oz Shipton mill 5 seed blend (401)

1/2 pint boiling water

1/2 pint cold water

3 tsps dark brown sugar

3 tsps Allinsons dried active yeast for hand baking

3 tsps salt

2 tbsps olive oil


1. Put boiling water into measuring jug, stir in sugar until dissolved. Then add cold, mix, then add yeast, mix. Leave to become a little frothy on top, about 10 minutes - perfect time for a cup of tea with rest of boiling water from kettle!

2. In kenwood chef mixing bowl, using dough hook, add all flour and seed mix and salt. Mix (to spread salt out). Then add oil and gradually add yeast/water/sugar mix while mixing on minimum speed.

3. Once all combined (may require you to stop mixer and scrape down any flour not mixed in), turn speed up to 1 and knead for 5 minutes.

4. Stop mixer and leave for 2 minutes. Then knead on speed 1 for further 5 minutes. Meanwhile prepare 2 loaf tins. Once finished turn out onto lightly floured mat/worktop, and split dough into 2. Shape, making smooth surface on top, and place in tin. Push down so fills edges. Cover (I use a clear plastic bag) and place tins in warm place (airing cupboard, above tumble drier) until risen nicely, (about an hour). Brush milk over top (gives softer crust). Place in preheated oven at 200C for 25-30mintes. I shuffle tins round at 15 mins and check at 25.  Leave to cool under tea towel....or in my house the children will be under your feet begging for a slice.

Added by: Clara Jackson

Tags: Wholemeal Bread Seeds

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Fabulous loaf

Great recipe thanks, and easy to follow. I hand mixed mine and halved all the quantities to do a single loaf and it worked perfectly with no adaptations. Will be doing this again…. :-)

GavinDavis 24 August 2021


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