Spelt and Pumpkin Seed Sourdough

300g Organic Wheat no 4

200 g Organic Spelt

35 g Pumpkin Seeds

100g Starter

9g Sea Salt

340g water to autolyse and a further 20g to add with salt.


Mix your flours, add seeds then incorporate water, leave to autolyse for 1 hour.

Add a further 20g water and salt and then knead in well until both are fully incorporated. 

stetch and fold the dough 4 times at 30 minute intervals.

When you can gently pull your dough to almost translucent without breaking it is ready to an overnight stay in the fridge - no less than 8 hours preferably 12+

Place into a well floured bannetone and put into a plastic bag in the fridge overnight.

Remoe from the bannetone and leave for a final rise for 45m - 1 hr depending on the ambient temperature.

Place a cup of water in the oven before pre-heating to 220 degrees celcius (fan)

Preheat your dutch oven or covered pot, put your dough in and cook covered for 20 minutes

Take the lid off and reduce the temperature down to 200 degrees celcius and bake for a further 20 - 25 minutes until your boule sounds hollow.

Let cool for 1 hour and then enjoy! 

Tags: Bread Seeds Sourdough


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Spelt flour?

I used white spelt for this as the type was not specified and found there was too much water. Did you use wholemeal spelt? Perhaps this needs specifying in the recipe?

Jen Fisher 29. 01. 2022 16:29:46


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