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Sourdough with the tricky Organic Light Malthouse Flour (301)

I found the Organic Light Malthouse Flour (301) to be quite tricky to handle. Here are some tips on what I did to tame the dough... Ultimate recipe? Definitely not.

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Ingredients and basic process:

The Organic Light Malthouse Flour (301) is way too fast to ferment and showed an early degradation of the gluten network for my usual 24h sourdough recipe. The result was disapointing with a raher flat bread. So you have to speed up the process.

I got my starter out of the fridge in advance today, in order to warm it up.

I started witht a 61% hydration dough, made of 400g of Organic Light Malthouse Flour (301) and 200g of white bread flour.

mix with 370-380g of 30°C water + 9g of salt.

Add in 100-120g of starter ad mix in a stand mixer.

I went the fast route by proofing the dough in a bucket in the sun. In 3h, the dough had tripled volume and it was time to shape and put in a banneton.

I let the dough rest for 1h and it went almost overboard of the banneton. I cooked in a hot dutch oven for 30min, open the lid and stopped the oven for 10-15min more. 

The result is not too bad - not great - in terms of oven spring. You definitely can't let a dough with the Light Malthouse Flour sit too long alone...

Added by: Julien CAP

Tags: Bread Malt Sourdough

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RE: Organic Light Malthouse Flour (301)

I must say that I set my oven to full heat - 260°C-280°C and use a closed cast iron dutch oven, which helps a lot. After 30 mn of that intensive cooking, I remove the cast iron lid and stop the oven (the heat), while still allowing the fan to work. The oven will slowly cool down while the bread is still in it. This allows a better crusty finish.

Julien CAP 15 February 2021

Organic Light Malthouse Flour (301)

Hi Julian, What were the main problems you found using the above flour in a Sourdough. I have recently used a percentage of that flour with others and found that the final baked loaf was sticky inside as if it was undercooked. The last loaf I cooked it for so long it got a big crust but still it was sticky inside. Is this one of the problems you have found especially having fermented for the normal duration. I am loathe to waste more of this flour on another attempt and I am trying to uncover the reason. I use this flour a lot in making a normal Bread Machine loaf and not experienced any problems. Your help would be most appreciative.

Mr Kevin Vince 27 November 2020

RE: Organic Light Malthouse Flour (301)

Hello Kevin, For background info, I'm using a Kitchenaid stand mixer for mixing the dough, which combined with a fermentation time of 20-24h at 18-19°C usually gives time to the yeast and bacteria to develop properly while having a good gluten network. The main problem I found with the Organic Light Malthouse Flour was that - despite putting only part of the total amount of that flour in the product - the 1st fermentation phase dough was completely de-structured. this means that the fermentation gas will not be trapped properly and are released too much when shaping. Handling the dough was quite tricky (think: a running dough), even though I’m staying in a 60%-ish hydration ratio comfort zone. Also, with less gas in the dough, the bread will tend to be denser. Which may be harder to cook depending on several other factors (type of oven, use of Dutch oven, other wholemeal flours used, hydration ratio of the dough, salt quantity...). I have opted here for a shorter fermentation time. I would also try with a lower hydration ratio. I hope this helps, do not hesitate to ask further questions (or to describe the process you’re using). Bread regards :) Julien

Julien CAP 30 November 2020

RE: Organic Light Malthouse Flour (301)

I love this flour for its taste but had the same cakes texture you describe...until I left it in the oven for an extra half hour by mistake. It came out practically perfect, except for a thick crust. Now I just put it in for an extra 20 mins and think that’s cracked it.

Ms Natasha Goggin 13 February 2021

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