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Sourdough for starters

I've just started baking sourdough. I cast around for information and stumbled upon Jack Sturgess who has a pretty good web site and specifically a start to finish page and video for sourdough. This is based on Jack's beginners method and is producing pretty good results that I'm really pleased with. Next steps I'll start experimenting with maybe different flours in my starter and dough. Enjoy.

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Check out Jacks page, it's a great place to start. https://www.bakewithjack.co.uk/blog-1/2018/7/5/sourdough-loaf-for-beginners


  • 900g stong white flour
  • 620g tepid water
  • 16g salt
  • 200g 100% hydration whole wheat starter 


Measure out flour and mix in salt.
Mix water and starter in a separate bowl.
Combine flour/salt mix with water/starter mix.
Mix until completely combined into a sticky dough using dough scraper or hands, whatever works for you.
Once mixed cover with a cloth and leave to autolyse for an hour or so.

I turn the sticky dough out onto a floured surface upside down with sticky side up. Stretch out gently, turn and fold into the centre a dozen or so times to start building structure. Back into the bowl, sticky side down, dryer side up. I repeat this through the day every hour or so, whenever I have time between the other things I'm doing during the day.

Early evening I start shaping into 2 500g loaves. I don't have any bannetons yet, can't get them anywhere at the moment, so I use a collander and a oblong basket lined with cotten napkin and floured to help it not stick. I shape one as a round loaf, the other onlong. Into the fridge overnight.

At around 8am the next day I heat up the oven to max, 240 degC for me, and let it soak up the heat. I take the dough out of the fridge, turn out onto baking paper and brush off as much flour as I can. A tray of boiling water goes into the botton of the oven, then I slash the dough; the round as a cross, the oblong as a straight line at around 30 degrees. Into the middle of the oven onto a large tray for 15 mins at 240. I turn the oven down to around 200 degC and bake for another 25 to 30 mins. Out of the oven onto a rack to cool ready to be enjoyed with some lovely hard cheese ro just jam for lunch, yum yum.





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