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sourdough bread with spelt, fig and pumpkin seed flour

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I am new to sourdough and have tried different techniques so as this is individual preference when you know your starter and dough, at this point I am looking at the proportions. I always leave dough over night in the fridge and bake it in the morning

for this one I have used:


100g starter (mine is made with white bread flour)

250g water

100g Shipton Mill white bread flour no 1

350g Shipton Mill Fig, spelt and pumpkin seed

10g pink salt

and the results were amazing


Added by: Karina Klekotko

Tags: Bread Seeds Sourdough Spelt

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Sourdough bread with spelt fig and pumpkin flour

This recipe looks lovely but I can't see the instructions for the method. Please can that be made available? Many thanks

Bellsbakes 23 September 2020

Amazing flour and amazing recipe - thank you!

This recipe worked perfectly and baked so well - tastes divine, great oven burst and lovely crust. Thank you for sharing

Ms Michelle Dickson 07 August 2020

Fantastic recipe - thank you!

Made this yesterday afternoon and baked this morning. Found the dough to be quite wet, so added a couple more sprinkles of flour to bring it together. Still quite sticky, so I used the slap and fold technique a few times over the space of an hour, before attempting a light knead that didn’t leave precious dough on my fingers! I did a few more stretch and folds over the space of the first 2 hours, then shaped to rest on kitchen counter another couple of hours, with perhaps another sneaky stretch and fold. Overnight in fridge. Following morning, I brought it out to warm up and then did another 3 stretch and folds before final shape whilst oven was heating up. Delicious bread and I don’t think it will last the day. Kudos to Shipton - there are plenty of figs inside, I was pleasantly surprised.

NicCalabrese 23 June 2020

RE: Fantastic recipe - thank you!

hi, I usually add around 300g water so 250g in this one was plenty. I do not stretch and fold after night in fridge. it rises in basket and I find it easier to cut when its cold. does not make any difference during the bake and tend not to overproof the dough. So happy you enjoyed it!

Mrs Karina Klekotko 23 June 2020

So good....

Tweaked the recipe just a little - 150g organic white no.4, 300g spelt, fig, pumpkin, 120g white starter, 250g water, 9g sea salt. Just made mature cheddar sandwiches with it for lunch and it tasted wonderful. Just crusty enough with soft crumb. Thanks, Karina - I'll be making this again.

Gilly 23 June 2020

RE: So good....

Hi Gilly so happy you enjoyed it! I tend to use no 1 or no 4 whatever is in my 'stock' at the moment.

Mrs Karina Klekotko 23 June 2020

Fantastic !!!

Great recipe. Already made 2 loaves of bread. Gone in the blink of the eye. We enjoy it. Thank you for sharing.

Kasia 21 June 2020


Just made a sourdough loaf of the spelt, fig & pumpkin seed flour, using 100% of the flour - a 500g loaf, with 40g white starter. Much darker & tangy than I expected. Not much fig flavour coming through. Very tasty though. Rye bread lovers will like the flavour. Good rise & nice soft crumb. Had with fig jam for breakfast.Will try next loaf adding organic white flour, mabye, 200g white, 300g spelt, with added fresh fig & extra seeds.

Mrs Pip O'Byrne 21 June 2020


I find ready mix without adding white, too sweet but this is personal preference and we eat it as normal bread meaning with meat, cheese and veggies.

Mrs Karina Klekotko 21 June 2020

Looks beautiful!

What’s the hydration rate of your starter? And will you please share your method for creating the final dough? Thanks. Kim-Nora

Ms Kim-Nora Moses 04 June 2020

RE: Looks beautiful!

Oh I am rubbish with understanding hydration etc. My starter has few months. At this point it is mixture of Shipton Mill white no 1, no 4, strong canadian (which is not good for leavin) I believe ratio is pretty much 1:1 when I feed it, just know what consistency it should be (like tooth paste) Wales is cold so it takse ages for it to work. I use around 100g of starter. Mix it in 300g of water. Add 450g of flour and mix in mixer. Leave for 20min then add salt and bit of water (pink salt is bigger and disolves/mix easier with water) and mix again till dough is nice and elastic. Stretch and fold few times for next 2-3 hrs. Shape it and place in basket. If it is not too late leave it for 2-3 hrs in kitchen then it goes to fridge over night. I usually start my mixing 4-5pm so it goes to fridge 9-10pm. Bake in the morning. It does not rise as it wolud in warm proof but I like it better after cold proof.

Mrs Karina Klekotko 04 June 2020

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