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Sourdough Baguettes

French baguettes - that blow your family away - simple to make - amazing to taste.

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500g white flour - i use Shiptons French Type 55 White Flour (102) 

325g water - slightly warm

100g liquid starter - this is a white starter that is loose and very sticky

3g fresh yeast or 7 g instant yeast

10g of sea or rock salt - this is both fun to work with and tastes way better than normal salt.


Method (5 hrs prep plus 20 mins cooking)

0-15 mins - Mix the flour and water together (and instant yeast if using) and kneed - this can be by hand for 15 mins or by machine for 10 min cover and leave for 1 hr

1hr 15 - Add starter and salt  (and fresh yeast if using) kneed again by hand for 15 mins or by machine for 10 min, cover and leave for 1-1.5 hrs in a warm room

2hr 15 - 2hr 45 - Separate the dough into 3 and pre-shape - leave for 30 mins with a damp cloth over them on a floured surface  - Tip -i looked on YouTube to learn the technique

2hr 45 - 3hr 15 - Now roll your each of the 3 doughs into a baguette shape, place in a Professional Proofing Cloth Baker's Couche which should be well floured - cover and leave to rest for 2 hrs in a warm room.  Tip - Again i looked on Youtube for technique and how to set up the couche.

4hr 30 - Turn oven onto 230 degrees or as high as it can go

4hr 45 - 5hr 15 - Score your baguettes and then place on a floured tray - Tip - i bought perforated bagguette trays that held 3 baguettes and fitted in my oven - they make things so easy 

Bake for 20 mins and then check - i like mine crusty so leave in an open oven for 5 mins after cooking.

Tip - to refresh a baguette the following day - run a tap of fast flowing cold water over the baguette for 15 - 20 secs and then place in a preheated over (230) for 10-15 mins and it will be just like a freshly baked baguette.

Tip - tipcally i double up and give 3 away or freeze half the batch

Tip - add a little rye flour for flavour (stick to total recomended qty overall)

Added by: Matt Jones

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Starter and yeast?

Surprised you’re adding starter (which I assume is sourdough starter) AND yeast. Is that really necessary?

Andy Furley 20 September 2021


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