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Soda Bread cooked in a large slow cooker (SIX LITRE)

Soda bread made like this doesn`t dry out as it does in an oven so the outside stays soft rather than having a crust. It is lovely and soft, and cake like in texture. It`s very quick to make and doesn`t use as much energy as using an oven,and keeps quite well. Soda bread rises better with pastry flour than strong flour and has a better texture because it has less Gluten.

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1lb 4oz Wholemeal pastry flour with 1tsp bicarbonate of soda added

1.5 really large mugs water with 1 tbs olive oil and 1tbs lemon juice added


Line the 6 litre slow cooker with greasproof paper or foil

Turn the slow cooker to high and cover the lid with a cushion, wait until it has got hot.

As quickly as possible mix water into the dry ingredients making a very soft dough. Handle as little as possible and make as wet as you can handle. Put a bit of flour on the outside of the soggy ball and put in the cooker. Flatten to  to fit the shape of the bottom with a 1" gap around the edge. Put the lid on and cover with cushion.

Cook for one and a quarter hours approx (or a little less). Get the loaf out, remove paper and check the bottom is cooked by tapping on it.

Put on wire rack and cover with a teatowel until cool.

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Slow cooker soda bread - Susan Holmes

Hi Susan, this looks lovely, but what exactly do you mean by a 'cushion'?

Duifie 09 February 2015

RE: Slow cooker soda bread - Susan Holmes

Anything to keep the heat in would do - I use a cushion off my kitchen chair! The cooker gets hotter that way. You can do it without but it takes longer to cook then.

ms susan holmes 09 February 2015

RE: Slow cooker soda bread - Susan Holmes

Oh, I see. You meant a literal cushion! Duhh!!! Sorry, I've baked bread before, but doing it with a slow cooker is entirely new to me. Am def going to try your recipe. Thanks for sharing!

Duifie 09 February 2015

Slow cooker bread by Susan Holmes

Lovely bread with the right texture , the taste is amazing.....

Scampibrains 06 February 2015

RE: Slow cooker bread by Susan Holmes

Thankyou Scampibrains,a fan at last!

ms susan holmes 06 February 2015

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