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Seeded Wholemeal, Malthouse, Rye and White Spelt Loaf (600g)

Based on a Panasonic sd-zb2502 wholemeal loaf recipe. Makes a perfect, delicious loaf with or without seeds. This loaf has a slight nutty taste from the rye flour and makes the loaf slightly more substantial than a standard wholemeal loaf with without the real heaviness of a rye loaf

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Shipton Mill organic wholemeal flour 200g

Shipton Mill organic malthouse flour 200g

Shipton Mill organic dark (or light) rye 100g (anymore rye and the loaf does not rise as well)

Shipton Mill organic white spelt 100g

Sugar 2tsp (optional, I personally don't add sugar)

Butter 25g (or I use 2tbsp vegitable or light olive oil)

Salt 1.5tsp

Water 430ml

Yeast 1.5tsp

If adding seeds:

2tbsp Poppy seeds (aded directly to breadmaker bowl)

2tbsp Chia seeds (added directly to the breadmaker bowl)

2tbsp pumkin seeds (added to breadmaker seed dispenser)

2tbsp sunflower seeds (added to breadmaker seed dispenser)
2tbsp Linseeds (added to breadmaker seed dispenser)
2tbsp Seseme seeds (added to breadmaker seed dispenser)

Place all ingredients into the breadmaker bowl and set Menu 04 (no seeds) or menu 06 (seeds) for 5hrs

For those with different breadmaker machines, here are the timings used for each process in baking

Rest 1hr -1hr 40min

Knead 15-30min

Rise 2hr 10min-2hr 50min

Bake 50min


Added by: David Norton

Tags: Bread Rye Malt Seeds Breadmaker Spelt Maslin

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This bread had a beautiful taste and lovely consistency. The only thing I would say is that it was a bit dry so I am going to make it again but add some oil to see how that goes. I didn't mean to give it 3.5 but 4.5 - first time user - sorry!

Paula Dummett 13 September 2021


Did extra oil make any difference?

Mr. David Norton 02 October 2021

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