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Seeded White Sourdough with airing cupboard fermentation

This recipe produces a sesame sourdough with an airy crumb and a good crust. The loaf has a subtle sour tang and a big sesame flavour and is very moreish! This sourdough uses the airing cupboard for a speedy fermentation, the warmer temperature decreases fermentation time and increases the production of acid. The dough is proved in the fridge overnight to give it a better oven spring next morning. The schedule assumes a Final Dough Temperature of 26-27C, I adjust my water temperature to get the dough in this range to match the ambient temperature of my airing cupboard (which fluctuates between 25-28C). The dough works fine outside these temperatures, but the timings might lengthen.

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Dough weight 800g, 80% hydration (inc. leaven)

SM Traditional Organic White Flour 367g
Water 287g (78%)
Leaven 69g (17%)
Salt 8g (2%)
Sesame seeds 69g (17%)

SM Traditional Organic White Flour 28g
Mature starter 14g (50%)
Water 28g (100%)

Day 1
09:00 - make the leaven and place it (covered) in the airing cupboard
12:30 - mix the flour and water (reserving 50g) and leave to autolyse (covered) in the airing cupboard
13:30 - add the leaven and half the reserved water and thorough mix everything by hand for about 5 minutes or so
13:40 - place the dough (covered) in the airing cupboard
14:10 - add the salt, the seeds and the remaining water and thoroughly mix everything by hand for about 5 minutes or so
14:20 - place the dough (covered) in the airing cupboard
14:35 - stretch and fold the dough for 3 minutes
14:40 - place the dough (covered) in the airing cupboard
14:55 - stretch and fold the dough, then return it (covered) to the airing cupboard
15:10 - stretch and fold the dough, then return it (covered) to the airing cupboard
15:25 - do the windowpane test on the dough, it should be pretty extensible now, but not yet at its optimum. Stretch and fold the dough, then return it (covered) to the airing cupboard
15:55 - repeat the windowpane test and the stretch and fold. The dough should look ready by now. Rest it (covered) in the airing cupboard.
16:25 - a final stretch and fold, then return the dough to the airing cupboard for the remainder of fermentation
18:10 - the dough will look fairly flat (it's high hydration) but will curve down to the edges of the bowl and there will be bubbles on the surface. It will jiggle very easily. Fermentation is complete, do a stretch and fold in the bowl to stiffen the dough then turn it onto a floured worktop. With the help of a dough scraper form it into a rough boule then rest it uncovered on an unfloured part of the worktop
18:40 - the dough will have relaxed again by now. Flour the top, then use the dough scraper to free in from the worktop and flip it onto a lightly floured section of the worktop for final shaping
18:50 - place the dough in a proving basket covered with a plastic sheet and rest it on the worktop
19:10 - transfer the dough to the fridge to finish proving overnight

Day 2
07:40 - preheat the oven to GM9 (240C, fan 220C)
08:40 - place the dough in the oven, preferably under a cloche or tin to maximise oven spring
09:00 - remove the lid and reduce the oven to GM7 (220C, fan 200C). This cooler second stage doesn't only brown the loaf, it minimises shrinkage on the cooling rack.
09:40 - place the loaf on a cooling rack

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Seeded sourdough

Does anyone know whether this needs to be scored before baking please?

Mrs Carol Edwards 13 July 2020

RE: Seeded sourdough

Yes, it benefits from being scored. The photo shows a bloomer/batard shaped sourdough scored down the centre line. Good luck!

fourjays 13 July 2020

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