Seeded Half & Half Loaf


250g Traditional White Bread Flour

250g Stoneground Wholemeal Flour

50g Rye Flour

50g Shipton Mill 5 Seed Mix

5g fresh yeast (10g if not using excess sourdough starter from refreshing today)

5g salt

375g water (+/- dependent on humdity)

75g excess sourdough starter (or just miss this out & use more yeast as above)


Mix the flours so the seeds are evenly dispersed. Rub in the fresh yeast. Mix in the salt. Make a well and add the water/starter.

Knead until properly mixed, then leave under a bowl for around 30 mins (this makes it easier to knead later).

Knead until it passes the window pane test (adding a bit more water if it looks like it can take it).

Leave to rest/rise (do a few extra stretch/folds if you have time and are familiar with this).

Shape into a round and leave under a bowl for 30 mins  before shaping into your loaf and leaving to prove in a basket.

Turn out onto a peel/baking tray. Slash the top. Bake with steam for 10 mins, then 30-40 mins without steam. I do mine at around 230 degrees C for the first 10 mins and then turn down to 210 for 10 mins and then down to 190 until done. Baking time/heat level depends on your oven & how you like your bread.

Tags: Wholemeal Bread Seeds

Added by: SL Merry

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