San Francisco Sourdough Bread


300g starter

800g Shipton Mill Organic Strong White ( 400g 200g 200g)

500ml bottled water

Flour for dusting

Maldon salt 1tbsp ground fine

sf_loaf - Tom Barnes - tom


Sift 400g of flour into KA mixing bowl and add 300g starter and the 500ml water.

Mix briefly with paddle, cover and leave in warm location for 5 Hours.

After 5 hrs (should show signs of bubbling) add 200g sifted flour and mix with paddle for 2 min at slow speed and then 8 min at high speed.

Remove the paddle and add the other 200g sifted flour and salt and mix for 8 min slow and 2 min fast.

Turn the tacky dough onto a dusted tray, cover with muslin and a damp cloth, and leave in warm location for 1 hour.

After 1 hour, deflate fold x3 and return with muslin and damp to warm location

After 1 hour, deflate fold x3 and return with muslin and damp to warm location

After 1 hour, deflate fold x3 and return with muslin and damp to warm location

After 1 hour, divide dough into two, form two batons, place in proving baskets, cover with muslin and damp cloth for 4 hours.

About 45 min before the end of 4 hours, preheat the oven with the pizza stones and a tray of water in the bottom to 250 degrees.

Also heat up the Polti steamer.

Cut silicon paper (baking parchment) to fit under the batons and place on two peels.

Flip the two batons onto the two papered peels, dust with flour and slash with lame ( blade)

Working quickly to prevent loosing oven temperature, slide each bâton into the oven in turn.

Open the oven door very slightly and spay steam from Polti.

Bake for 10 min at 250 degrees.

After 10 min, rotate the bâtons, spay with steam again and reduce oven to 180 degrees and bake for 40 min.

Use pizza peel to remove bread from oven onto racks in a draft free location to cool.



Kitchen Aid Mixer

Pizza  or other baking stones x2

Proving baskets x2

Plastic scraper and stainless steel bench scraper

Polti or other steam machine

Countdown timer


Slicon paper baking parchment

Oven thermometer


The quality of the starter dough is crucial and to time when you use the starter to catch it at its peak after refreshing.

During the 2 min high speed KA beating, the dough should just come away from the side of the bowl and feel tacky when tipping out.At its best the dough has a silky feel.


timings - Tom Barnes - tom

To help you keep track of your progress


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