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Salah Bouremmane's Pizza

A recipe from Shipton Mill's "Discover Italian Baking" Day

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This recipe is from Shipton Mill's "Discover Italian Baking" Day.

Note: The method used in the class uses added yeast to speed the fermentation process for the purposes of teaching. A traditional pizza dough uses only biga for fermentation which gives a better flavour to the bread, hence the fermentation process will be slower when you do the recipe at home unless you choose to add yeast. The timings given here are for a biga only recipe. If you are using yeast, reduce the timings for each of the proves below by 10min and load your pizza into the oven as soon as you have added the toppings.

Italian BigaYou will need:

420g     Ciabatta Flour

300g     Water

150g     Biga

10g       Salt

10g       Olive oil

110g     Semolina

8g        Yeast (if required. If using yeast proving times will be reduced from those shown here).

1030g   Total

Toppings to Taste

Method (by hand):

1.    Heat your oven to 230ºC.

2.    Weigh your water into a mixing bowl.

3.    Add the biga and mix until smooth.

4.    Add the flour, semolina and olive oil and work the ingredients together until you get a smooth dough (it should not be sticky).

5.    Add the salt and work the dough until all the salt has been incorporated into the dough.

6.    Rest the dough for 40min.

7.    Cut and shape into rounds.

8.    Rest for 40min.

9.    Flatten the tops of your rounds.

10.  Add your chosen toppings.

11.  Rest for 10-20min.

12.  Load your pizza into the oven and bake for 20-25min

13.  Remove from the oven and allow to cool.

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