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Salah Bouremmane's Panini

A recipe from Shipton Mill's "Discover Italian Baking"day.

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This recipe is from Shipton Mill's "Discover Italian Baking" Day.

The word panino [pa'ni:no] is Italian for "small bread roll"; its plural form is panini. Panino is also used as the word for a sandwich made from bread other than sliced bread, (which the Italians call it a tramezzino or porco). Panini are commonly served warm after having been pressed in grilling machines called either panini presses or simply panini machines.

Given their use in grilled sandwiches, Panini are therefore baked to 80% of full bake in the oven. This ensures that when it goes into the traditional Panini press it has 20% of baking time left and does not become overdone in the grill. The timings here are for an 80% bake so the bread will come out of the oven much paler than ciabatta bread for example. Should you want a fully baked Panini straight from the oven, increase the baking times shown here by 20%.

You will need:

Panini baking in the oven

460g     Ciabatta Flour

110g     Semolina

400g     Water

10g       Olive oil

10g       Salt

10g       Yeast

1000g   Total

Method (by hand):

Weigh your biga1.    Heat your oven to 200-210ºC.

2.    Weigh your water out into a mixing bowl.

3.    Add the olive oil and yeast and mix together.

4.    Add the flour and semolina and work the ingredients together until you get a smooth dough (it should not be sticky).

5.    Add the salt and knead until incorporated.

6.    Dust a baking tray with semolina or flour and gently turn your dough out onto the tray.

7.    Rest for 40-45min.

8.    Fold the dough to knock back and shape into a rectangular shape.

9.    Rest for 30-35min.

Cut your dough Cut your dough Cut your dough10.  Starting at one end, cut into panini shaped loaves.


11.  Dust your baking tray with semolina or line with silicone paper (Baking parchment).

Panini rolls and ciabatta bread12.  Gently place your loaves onto the tray.

13.  Dust the tops with semolina.

14.  Rest for 30-40min.

15.  Place into the oven for 20min.

16. Remove from the oven and allow to cool. (As noted at the start of the recipe, they should still be pale in colour when you remove them unless you have chosen to extend the baking time.

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The panini recipe doesn't mention the biga. How do I substitue the yeast for biga in this case?

mikeotto79 05 June 2015

RE: panini

We use the biga in any kind of bread to achieve the flavour and a nice open texture for the bread and that’s comes after a long fermentation due to the natural culture of the biga or the sourdough in general I didn’t use the biga in the panini because this tape of dough are mostly a direct dough and easy to make it at home but if you want to try it with a biga you can just add 20% to the total weight of your dough And add 10% of ciabatta flour to your total flour recipe, mix it and leave overnight in the room temperature for a fermentation The next day cut the dough and shape it as your desire shape then leave it to prove for about 1h to 1h30min in the room temperature then it's ready to bake best Regards Salah

salah bouremmane 05 June 2015

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