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Rye Bread Recipes

Spelt and rye in breadmaker

Tasty and springy textured loaf. It's taken some experimentation to get a spelt and rye recipe to work in my Panasonic SD254, which doesn't cater for these flours. But the following recipe produces great loaves baked on the wholemeal rapid setting. I weigh the water for more accurate results: 1gm= 1ml

Added by: David Press | Tags: Bread, Rye, Breadmaker, Spelt


A modern, lighter take on the German classic. The combination of molasses and fennel gives a fabulous flavour. Perfect with Boursin au poivre!

Added by: FreddieFishCake | Tags: Bread, Rye

German style Rye Bread

A moist rye bread full of grains very similar to the rye bread sold in packets in supermarkets - but very much better!! An easy and forgiving recipe!

Added by: Roy Dowsing | Tags: Bread, Rye

Danish Rye Bread

An authentic taste of home. Make sure you ask around for a good starter from a friend!

Added by: jlrasmussen | Tags: Bread, Rye

Beetroot Sourdough Cob

A gorgeous light pink, tangy sourdough cob loaf - ideal for using wrinkled old beets to make a stunning dinner table centrepiece !

Added by: cobweaver | Tags: Bread, Rye, Sourdough

1kg Malted Rye Semi-Sour

Delicious overnight sourdough using a mixture of malted flours to enhance the flavour and texture, with a pinch of instant yeast to help the loaf spring and not be too sour

Added by: Tom Wrobel | Tags: Bread, Rye, Malt, Sourdough

Flavoursome Sourdough, White with Malted Wheat and Light Rye Recipe

When COVID lock down started, I started making more and more bread, giving most to my neighbors in our hamlet. I was making several loaves every day, experimenting with different recipes, some from books and then as I got more adventurous and made my own up. This recipe is the most popular one and I am constantly asked to make more, it uses three Shipton flours. The recipe makes two large loaves

Added by: John Tankard | Tags: Bread, Rye, Malt, Sourdough

Rye Angels

This is a sweet treat or a nice decoration if you add some icing. Alternative to gingerman, being more delicate in flavour and robust in structure.

Added by: Annerinya | Tags: Rye, Biscuits

Seeded rye bread - “Vollkornbrot”

This is a recipe for a German style seeded rye bread – known as “Vollkornbrot”. It’s not labour-intensive to make, but it does take a while and you certainly won’t have something fresh out of the oven in a couple of hours. It’s well worth the wait though - packed with seeds which give it a rich nutty taste and texture, it keeps well for several days after baking and the flavour is amazing!

Added by: harrisonland | Tags: Bread, Rye, Malt, Seeds, Sourdough

German Pumpernickel

This is a real Pumpernickel recipe passed down through family. It's a long slog to make it but worth the effort.

Added by: Berny Goodheart | Tags: Bread, Rye


Laugenwecken or Lye Rolls are popular in southern Germany.

Added by: stephanhelfer | Tags: Bread, Rye, Oats

Light Rye or Malthouse Flour loaf for a Breadmaker

I usually use a mix of Malthouse, Strong White and Strong Wholemeal Flours to make this loaf, but due to an accidental substitution this one is Light Rye, instead of the Malthouse. It turned out better than I'd hoped and the crust is really crispy ...

Added by: Elisabeth Johnson-Ross | Tags: Bread, Rye, Malt, Breadmaker

Bolo do caco

I have been to Madeira several times and fell in love with this delicious bread. Bolo do caco is a traditional bread only produced on the islands of Madeira and is made of sweet potato, preferable the type they grow in Madeira. However you can take the normal sweet potato found in the supermarket. 'Bolo' means bread and 'caco' refers to the slab of stone that the bread is baked on. These breads are not baked in an oven but in a frying pan. They are typically served with butter and garlic.

Added by: Helge Gad | Tags: Bread, Rye, Sourdough

The Stout Yeoman

A bread that could hold its own, in terms of taste, with a lunch of cold meats, cheeses and pickles.

Added by: Rodney Noon | Tags: Bread, Rye, Malt

100% Rye Bread

Keep It Simple - 2 x 1lb 100 % Rye Bread with or without seeds - your choice

Added by: Carl Gorman | Tags: Bread, Rye

Rye and Oat Soda Bread

Most recipes for so called 'Rye' bread include wheat flour. So, if you have a sensitivity to wheat gluten, these recipes are no good for you.

Added by: Brian Ackroyd | Tags: Bread, Rye, Oats, Soda Bread

Finnish sour rye bread

Traditional Finnish sour rye bread is made with 100% dark rye flour. I have added a little wholemeal spelt flour to this recipe, which appears to help with the rise, without compromising the lovely rye flavour.

Added by: Barry MacNamara | Tags: Bread, Rye, Sourdough

Pain de Campagne

A tasty rustic farm house loaf with an overnight prove that uses both yeast and sourdough starter. Recipe can be doubled to make 4 smaller loaves.

Added by: Paul Sheldon | Tags: Bread, Rye, Sourdough

German Farmhouse Bread

Very tasty rye sourdough with caraway seeds for extra flavour. Made with 30% white flour so it's lighter than a pure rye bread.

Added by: Steve Bell | Tags: Bread, Rye

3 Flour Loaf

A unique recipe full of flavour. Much lighter than normal Rye bread

Added by: grahamgreatrex | Tags: Bread, Rye, Maslin

Three Malts with a hint of rye sourdough

Wondering what to do with a lot of active rye sourdough starter I experimented with using it in combination with Organic Three Malts & Sunflower Brown flour. The following recipe involves preparing a sourdough starter/production sourdough the day before baking the loaves. This recipe combines using natural yeast in the starter with using some active dried yeast when it comes to baking the loaves. This combination helps me produce a couple of loaves with a nice texture and flavour when there’s not enough time to work through all the usual processes needed to produce a ‘pure’ sourdough loaf.

Added by: Peter Stevenson | Tags: 3Malts, Bread, Rye, Sourdough

Basic Rye Bread

This uses a double kneaded, double risen method. If you have strongly rising types of flour, you could get away with a single kneading and a single rising. This is a variation of a recipe first devised by Sonya Romane.

Added by: John Ward | Tags: Wholemeal, Bread, Rye

Olive Sourdough

This uses a mixture of organic white flour, wholemeal and light rye to make a delicious savoury loaf - that is also amazing with cheese or marmalade!

Added by: Jennifer Eades | Tags: Wholemeal, Bread, Rye, Sourdough

Danish rye bread

This is a recipe for a delicious danish rye bread. It's a family recipe so keep it a secret ;)

Added by: carey mann | Tags: Bread, Rye

Dark Rye Sourdough

Dark, delicious, easy-to-make rye sourdough. Ideal for working people; start it in the evening, eat it for breakfast. I use a mixer with dough hook, but I guess you could equally hand knead it. No, I haven'the forgotten the salt; I don't usually put any in my loaves.

Added by: Dee Pea | Tags: Bread, Rye, Sourdough

Russian Black Bread

I’m talking about my beloved recipe for Russian Black Bread, a pumpernickel bread for people who think that standard pumpernickel with it’s paltry seven ingredients is just not trying hard enough.

Added by: Dorina Popa | Tags: Bread, Rye, black bread

An easy everyday sourdough loaf for your bread machine

A deliciously simple and quick loaf from your bread machine using sourdough starter: great when you haven't got time or patience to work out a loaf with your hands. A recipe inspired by the Eastern European style of sourdough bread. Ideally made with Shipton Mill Light Rye flour. Tested and tried on Panasonic breadmaker (SP - ZB2502) but should work well on any other quality bread maker.

Added by: Wojciech Kaczanowski | Tags: Bread, Rye, Sourdough

Simple seeded loaf with rye

This recipe is tried and tested using the breadmaker, but could no doubt be oven baked instead. The vitamin C powder allows the use of a higher proportion of rye (for extra colour and flavour) without preventing the loaf rising properly. If all goes to plan you get a lovely soft loaf, excellent rise and a very rustic flavour.

Added by: Farmer B | Tags: Bread, Rye, Seeds

Sweet Orange Rye Biscuits

For now or later, these refrigerator biscuits are just the thing to enjoy with a cup of coffee. Easy to make, and easy to bake, gently spicy and aromatic, the recipe could be altered with your favourite spices, or add a few nuts, or dried fruit. Makes about 30.

Added by: LUCY MACE | Tags: Rye, Biscuits

Smoked Cheese and Onion Bread

This is a variation on Richard Bertinet's Bacon and Red onion bread but uses smoked cheese (thus suitable for some vegetarians) and is fortified with sourdough batter. It makes lovely toast and would be great with a hearty soup.

Added by: CassyP | Tags: Bread, White, Rye, Sourdough, Cheese

Try rye

It's a whole new baking experience and it’s good for you too.

Added by: NaomiS | Tags: Rye, Blog

Rye Soda Bread

This is based on a traditional soda bread recipe but with the addition of light rye flour or, and this is my favourite, Orcadian 'Bere' flour. Delicious fresh, with marmalade or cheese, good toasted the next day.

Added by: Jennifer Eades | Tags: Bread, Rye, Soda Bread

Scandi rye and spelt crispbread

These delicious Scandinavian style, wafer thin, rye and spelt crisp breads are perfect for eating with dips and pate. They store well and are great fun to make expecially if you make them with a buddy. One rolls the dough out and the other bakes.

Added by: joanransley | Tags: Rye, Spelt, Crispbread, photowinner1406

Danish Rye Bread Method

Basic method that can be used to make many variations of proper Danish rye bread, far better than anything you can buy in the shops. Danish rye bread is of course excellent with all types of strong cheeses, all salty food, pickled herring, yellow pea soup, Danish sausages - and you can use it to make rye bread soup should you feel thus inclined.

Added by: Niels Bjergstrom | Tags: Bread, Rye, photo1406

Making Bread with Rye

“Comin` thro` the Rye” … an ancient rhyme made into a song by Burns, and “Catcher in the Rye” attest to the role of Rye as a cereal in the UK, now enjoying a revival after centuries of largely being ignored. Rye IS different and making bread with it a new

Added by: johndownes | Tags: Rye, FocusOn

Marbled Rye

Fantastic Marbled rye by Erin O'Brien of @tallpoppycakes. It tastes even better than it looks!

Added by: TallPoppyFoods | Tags: Bread, Rye

Rye Coriander Mash Bread

A bit to the sweeter side, adapted from Borodinsky for a full-time working person.

Added by: Annerinya | Tags: Rye

100% Rye Schwarzbrot

This is Black Bread! Hefty and flavoursome, but very light on the digestion

Added by: NaomiS | Tags: Rye

New York Deli Rye

The famous loaf of Jewish ancestry from the lower-east side, widely enjoyed and eaten with preserved meats such as pastrami

Added by: NaomiS | Tags: Rye, LightRye

Dark Rye bread

I bake these breads almost every Sunday, and have done the last 20 years. I have modified quantities so it fits a 1kg bag of rye flour.

Added by: per | Tags: Rye

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