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Polish Wheat-Rye Bread

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  • 50g starter ( or mother dough )
  • 100g Rye Light Rye Flour (Type 997 or Type 700 if you will find this one in UK)
  • 100ml warm water


  • 200g sourdough ( keep the rest for next bread )
  • 530g white very strong white flour  ( more than 13g protein )
  • 250-280ml lukewarm water
  • 15g salt


1.In a small bowl, mix together all ingredients for a sourdough. Cover with plastic film and leave for 8-12 h in warm place.

2. Mix together sourdough, white flour water and salt. Knead 15 min by hand or 10 using machine. Leave to rest for 20 min. Knead again 10 min . Put the dough into oiled bowl, cover with plastic and let rise about 2-2.5 h in warm place. After every 40 min. take the dough out  and punch down. Finally knead 1 min and put to a bread rising basket until doubled, about 2 h.

3. Pre Heat oven with a stone  to 240 C degrees. Make some steam.

4. Gently transfer dough from basket onto a stone, incise and spray or brush with warm water. Bake 35 minutes (10 min 240/open oven and release steam/10 min 220 /15 min 180 C degrees - bread should sounds hollow when tapped.

When hot, sprinkle crust with a water. Cover for 1 min with clean cotton towel. Cool on a wire rack.


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Strona Polski chleb na zakasie

Krystyna Szulecka - clikcs@ntlworld.com 27 July 2012

Wonderful bread!
This is a very flavoursome hearty bread. Perfect with just anything! Thanks Artur for the recipe :-)

Sylwia 13 May 2010


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