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Overnight yeasted white pot loaf

Pot baking offers a very different approach to baking. It is a simple, low-input method that produces excellent results. Give it a try and your baking just may be transformed!

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Pot baking offers a very different approach to baking. It is a simple, low-input method that produces excellent results. Give it a try and your baking just may be transformed!

The recipe is for a medium sized LeCreuset, but a good iron pot/camp oven is excellent…or a clay baking pot (which must be well seasoned). The recipe can be adjusted accordingly, either by doubling the ingredients or simple proportional increases with the bakers percentage formula.

We used Shipton Mill traditional organic white flour, but any good white will work.

For more thoughts and ideas on this process read our Focus on Bread: The Easiest Bread Ever.


520g Traditional organic white flour…or other such as No 1.

¼ teaspoon Shipton mill organic yeast.

2 teaspoons good sea salt.

400g warm water.


Oil your pot well with a good Virgin oil and, if you like, cut a round of baking paper to place in the bottom just to make sure it comes out easily.

Mix the flour and salt. Whisk the yeast into the water, then add to the flour/salt mix.

Mix with a wooden spoon or your hands until all the flour is incorporated into a rough dough; this usually takes 1 or maybe 2 minutes.

Place the mix in the well-oiled pot, lid on and … off to bed.

Your dough should be well risen by the morning, 8 hours, and ready to bake. Put the pot into a pre-heated 240 oven to bake. After 15 minutes remove the lid, turn the oven down to 200 and bake a further 30 minutes. Remove from the oven, slip a knife around the edge to loosen the loaf and turn it out of the pot. Remove baking paper and its there!

For a crustier loaf, you can put the loaf back in for 5 – 10 minutes, depending on how you like your crust.

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Fabulous light bread
I tried this bread last night and got the kids to rate it....FABULOUS they said!!! I'll be making it again. I made it overnight in a Stellar pot which I lined with a silicone cake pan so no oiling or baking paper needed. It was light and fluffy and the crust was crunchy. There was none left. I used 100g of the organic wholemeal stoneground and the rest the white flour.

- kingdawta 10 May 2012

not very successful
I tried this last night. I found the mix to be very wet. I would say putting baking parchment at the bottom is an absolute necessity. The bread smelled like it had cooked in a bread machine - and I don't like that smell. The dough was very wet even when cooked, as a result the texture was very dense. I am putting it back in the oven now to see if I can rescue it. If I make it again I shall make sure the mix is drier, and will tip the uncooked dough out in the morning to cook on a tray

- josm 09 March 2012

I really didnt like this at all, the texture was horrible like cake and it had very little taste - very very bland. It stuck to the sides of my Le-creuset and was a nightmare to remove. It wasnt ready overnight either, in the end I had to pop it on the floor over the underfloor heating and was ready 11am. Husband wasnt impressed either. I wouldnt do it again.

ceri morgan - ceri@cwrthenllysfarm.com 27 February 2012


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