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Organic Easter fruit and spice muffins.


200g organic white SR flour (113)

100g organic white cake and pastry flour (117)

120g granulated sugar

1 tbsp cinnamon

90g melted butter

3 well ripe (or overripe) bananas (they can be peeled and kept in the fridge for some time if they have started to turn spotty to avoid the gases affecting your other fruit before you have time to bake. Even longer in the freezer.

1 egg

1/2-1tsp fair trade vanilla essence (depending on how strong your brand is) or optional exchange for grated lemon / orange zest.

4 small eating apples, peeled and chopped into small pieces.

milk to mix...est 30ml


Oven on - 180 degrees C. (fan or convection, adjust time, dep. on which)

Line 2 baking trays with total 20 fairy cake cases (these are useful as these cakes can easily stick)

Mix the dry ingredients (2 flours, sugar and cinnamon) in one bowl.

In a microwave-proof bowl melt the butter, then chop in the banana, choppping further to blend (can use a blender, but not necessary)

Add the egg (make sure the butter is not too hot at this point) chop the apple in, and add the raisins.

Mix the wet and dry ingredients, adding milk to help mix all the flour in.

Spoon into the cases, trying to roughly distribute the fruit evenly.

Bake for 20mins, test  with a skewer into the biggest cake. If it comes out clean, they are ready, otherwise, try another 5 mins. Fan will cook quicker, and add less minutes on at the end if extending time.

Allow them to cool before taking out of the baking tray.

Decorate with a shiny honey cross and hundreds and thousands if you want a more Eastery feel!

Experiment with adding grated orange or lemon zest to add an extra citrus twist.

If you have any left after the first day! don't keep them in a container that is too well sealed, as the banana gas effect can start to be quite strong. A tea towel will suffice!

Serve with a nice cup of tea, and some Scillies Narcissus!



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