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One Day White Loaf

Makes two delicious loaves with soft chewy open crumb, will take the majority of the day, and is quite slack (high hydration) so beginners beware!

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1000g Flour AP or Bread Flour

720g Water (@35C)

21g fine sea salt

4g dried active yeast


1.) Combine flour and water into ragged dough and leave covered for 30 minutes (autolyse)

2.) Sprinkle salt and yeast over the top and pinch large sections of the dough, and fold over until everything is fully combined, cover and leave aside

3.) After 10m, fold the dough over on itself folding the top (looking from directly above), then left, then bottom, then right. Repeat this several times in the first 90m then leave until nearly tripled in volume (often 5h depending on ambient temperature)

4.) Carefully remove from container without tearing too much onto a floured surface. Flour the centre line and cut confidently down the middle. Fold each as before keep going round the dough until the bottom seems fairly tight then flip the dough over and drag across the worktop gently with cupped hands to tighten the top even more.

5.) (preheat oven with dutch oven inside 245C) Place in floured proving basket (banneton) and check after an hour or so whether it is proofed adequately by gently poking the dough. If it springsback quickly it is not ready, if it doesn't spring back at all, it is over proofed.

6.) Place dough in dutch oven covered for 30m. Remove lid and keep cooking uncovered for another 15-20m or until desired colour is achieved. Al;low to cool before slicing to ensure inside has finished cooking.

7.) ENJOY!!!

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One day white loaf

I do want to pass on my thanks to Woodywoop and Shipton Mill for fantastic recipe. I used half and half heritage and strong white bread bread flour, and have made it twice, Best recipe I've found for using heritage flour. It is a very different process from the usual kneading and proving; the dough is delicate and at first sticky - but most definitely worth it in the end.

isobelwarrender 14 September 2020

Removing from banneton

If you use rice flour or half strong and half rice flour in your banneton your dough should release with just a bit of persuasion

Mr Geoffrey Masey 29 June 2020

One Day White Loaf

I have done something similar but use a re-usable sheet of silicon "baking parchment" instead of a banneton. Works every time. One "variation", suggested by a friend is to dissolve 3 teaspoons of marmite (other yeast extracts are available) into the warm water at the start of the process, but you may need to reduce the salt accordingly. May not to be to everyone's taste, but delicious with cheese

Mr David Adsett 20 March 2020

RE: One Day White Loaf

The re-usable sheet of silicon sounds a marvellous idea. Every time I use a well floured banneton, half the bread dough stays behind in the banneton, ruining the loaf. Ive got to the point I wont make this particular loaf again. Is the silicon a sheet or shaped the same as a basket?

jackiedidas 21 May 2020

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