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No Added Sugar, No Dairy Organic White Spelt Loaf for Bread Makers

Easy daily white spelt loaf for your bread maker with wonderful crust, without any added sugar or dairy, easy to cut thin for sandwiches, cut it thick for lovely toast.

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1 level teaspoon Hovis quick yeast

500g Shipton Mill organic white spelt flour (no need to sift)

350ml still, unflavoured Volvic mineral water

1 1/4 level teaspoons pure sea salt, finely ground, use a pestle and mortar if you need to

1 level tablespoon extra virgin olive oil


Add ingredients to your bread maker pan in the order above, use accurate measures and scales and measure as accurately as possible:

Place pan in your bread maker and choose a spelt program or basic bread program that takes approx 4 1/2 hours (Panasonic SD-2501 program 13) start program straight away, do not use the timer.

Turn out onto a cooling rack as soon as the program finishes. Best used within 24 hrs, keep in a bread bag or large freezer bag if to be kept longer as it will go dry quite quickly.


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that's a dead email address on my last post.......

Hugh 08 June 2015


I've been making pretty much this recipe most days for the last few years in my panasonic bread maker. A lot of times I do use the overnight timer so we wake up to the smell of fresh bread and it makes no difference to the loaf - still comes out perfectly (I put it on the 4 1/2 hour setting, light crust and sometimes take it out up to 10 mins early to get a softer crust). I use 1 1/2 tablespoons of olive oil and 310 ml of filtered water. Other than that its the same. The recipe also works very well with wholemeal spelt flour but I put that on the rapid bake setting and don't tend to use the timer.

hwahla@urbanout.com 08 June 2015


Got to say this is one of the nicest loaves I made in my bread maker.

Mrs Denise Pearson 20 March 2015


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