No Added Sugar, No Dairy Organic White Spelt Loaf for Bread Makers


1 level teaspoon Hovis quick yeast

500g Shipton Mill organic white spelt flour (no need to sift)

350ml still, unflavoured Volvic mineral water

1 1/4 level teaspoons pure sea salt, finely ground, use a pestle and mortar if you need to

1 level tablespoon extra virgin olive oil


Add ingredients to your bread maker pan in the order above, use accurate measures and scales and measure as accurately as possible:

Place pan in your bread maker and choose a spelt program or basic bread program that takes approx 4 1/2 hours (Panasonic SD-2501 program 13) start program straight away, do not use the timer.

Turn out onto a cooling rack as soon as the program finishes. Best used within 24 hrs, keep in a bread bag or large freezer bag if to be kept longer as it will go dry quite quickly.


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