Nice wheat and rye sourdough loaf


250g Wholemeal sourdough starter

275ml Water

300g White wheat flour

150g Wholerye flour

50g Wholemeal flour

5g Honey

8g Salt


-Used a bubbly and active starter.

-Whisk the water, the starter and the honey in a large bowl.

-Add all the flours and knead for 10min.

-Leave the dough to rest for 10min inside the bowl.

-Add the salt and knead again for 10min.

-Leave the dough to rest again for 30min.

-Remove the dough from the bowl and strech and fold the dough every 15 min for an hour. To do that gather a portion of the dough from the outside and pull towards the middle. Turn the bowl and do it again until you complete the whole circle.

-Once finish leave the dough inside the fridge for 24hours.

-The day after remove the dough from the fridge 2-3 hours before bake. 

-After just an hour, shape the loaf and transfer it to a proving basket.

-Pre-heat the oven (maximum temperature) for at least an hour, with a cast iron pot inside if you have one.

-My oven is not htat great so what i do is the following: after an hour to the maximum temperature I spray some water inside, I switch off the oven and I insert the loaf in to the cast iron pot. I spray water every 3min during 15min (opening the oven door the minimum  as possible to avoid loose the heat inside). After those 15min I switch on the oven again at 200C for 10min and after another 30min at 180C. 

-Remove from the oven and leave it to cool at least for 3hours.


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