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My simple sourdough

Easy to remember recipe for a classic bread....crisp crust, slightly chewy centre...fabulous toasted and covered in butter !

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1kg Shipton Mill No4 flour

600g warm water

400g of sourdough starter ( I use a 50/50 light rye flour and water for my starter)

30g salt

Mix flour, water and starter together for a couple of minutes to form a rough dough

cover and leave for 30 mins

add salt


Mix and knead for 10 minutes until it passes the window pane test

cover and leave for 2.5 hours - stretch and fold every 50 minutes

Divide, shape and place in proving baskets

Cover and leave to rise for 2-3 hours

Bake for about 30 minutes in a hot over (220c)...not forgetting to cut the dough to release the steam.

Added by: Jeremy Hughes

Tags: Bread White Sourdough

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Window pane test

What is the "window pane test" mentioned in this recipe?

Jane 02 December 2016

RE: Window pane test

You should be able to pull the dough and stretch between both thumbs and fore fingers (excuse the crude explanation) and stretch it thin enough without it tearing. If you can get the dough to hold enough to see through it,! It's a good indication that the gluten strands are strong enough and you've kneaded enough

Djcandeland 10 January 2017

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