Multigrain Honey Wholewheat Loaf


100 gms shipton organic white flour

100 gms water

1/4 tsp instant yeast  (or 30 gms 100% hyd sourdough culture)


110 gms shipton mixed seeds and grains

100 gms boiling water


200 gms shipton organic white flour

275 gms shipton course ground wholewheat flour

25  gms shipton whole dark rye flour

250 gms water


1 1/2 tsp instant yeast

14 gms salt

25 gms melted butter

35 gms honey


Mix poolish leave 8-12 hrs @ room temp

pour boiling water over seeds cover with cling film leave 8-12 hrs @room temp

Place poolish water and o a loose dough approx 1 minute cover and leave 30 mins

Add salt, yeast mix for 2 mins on slow speed then two mins on med speed.

Add butter and honey mix on med till dough leaves sides of bowl approx 2 mins

Add seed mix and knead in by hand till thouroughly combined

place in an oiled plastic rectangular container cover wait 20 mins then fold over in 3 like an envelope

Repeat at 20 and 40 mins more.

Cover and let rise till doubled in size approx one hour 'room temp.

Turn out onto a floured surface gently fold into a loose ball shape,cover leave 15 mins

Form into a tight ball,place in well floured bannetons place into a plastic bag let proof till 90% risen approx 50 mins or retard in fridge over night

Slash the surface spray with water and bake in a pre heated 240 c oven 15 mins then 220 for a further 30 mins.

Alternetivly use a Dutch oven @250 c for 30 mins lid on then 220 for 15 mins lid off.

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Added by: James Berry

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