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Malted seeded Sourdough loaf or rolls

I have baked and tweaked this recipe & I am finally happy with the flour & water ratios. It makes a beautiful, soft, super tasty bread that can be used for sandwiches, toast or simply eaten on its own with a mountain of salted butter!! Happy eating

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150g Shipton Light Malthouse flour (or similar)
600g Strong white bread flour
40g Rye starter + 1/4tsp dried yeast (or 50- 75g Rye starter)
500g water
50g shipton mixed seeds (soaked for 30-60mins in boiling water/cooled)
15g sea salt
1tbs honey
2tbs rapseed oil

This recipe makes 2 loaves or 1 loaf and 6 rolls. Timings of this process will vary depending on the temperature in your kitchen, type of flour, strength of your starter etc
Mix all ingredients until you have a rough, shaggy dough. (I mixed at 11am and the temperature was 24C).
Over the next 3-4 hours do 3 x stretch and folds, leaving the dough to rest at least an hour before the end of bulk ferment/shaping. The dough should have risen and be filled with lots of air bubbles. My bulk ferment usually takes between 6-8 hours.
Divide the dough into 2 portions and place in a bannetons or tins of your choice. You can also sprinkle your banneton/tin with more dry seeds before putting in your dough.
Place in the fridge overnight (it will be fine up to 48hrs).
Bake using your usual method. I bake a loaf in a lidded pot (enamel, cast iron, or terracotta), from a cold oven at 220C fan for 30-35 mins, removing the lid 5 mins before the end of the bake so it gets a lovely crust - internal temperature of the loaf should be around 99/100C
If you want to make rolls, tip the dough out from a round banneton and using a bench scraper divide the dough into 6 equal wedges. Bake, uncovered, for 20-25mins at 200C fan

Added by: Andrea Ruskin

Tags: Bread Malt Sourdough

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