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Linzer Torte (Oma's Rezept)

This is my mother's recipe for Linzer Torte. Not specifically a Christmas cake, but no Christmas was complete without this cake. (And it's the most delicious dough to be eaten raw ...)

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Flour 400g

Cocoa 24g

Margarine or Butter 320g

Sugar 320g

Hazelnuts or Almonds (ground) 320g

Cinnamon 10g

Cloves 2g

Egg 95g (about 2 small eggs or 1 extra large egg)

Kirschwasser 24g


Raspberry Jam for filling

Egg Yolk for glazing



Knead swiftly.

Let rest before shaping and baking.

Reserve some dough (roughly 1/4) for lattice decoration.

Roll out not too thin (about 6mm - 1/4in) and line your tin or tray. The dough will be very brittle.

Distribute jam on top, the amount depends on your taste (we like about 150g of jam on a 22cm tart).

Decorate with lattice.

Bake at 190°C for 30 to 40 min

This cake tastes best after about 3 weeks in storage.

PS. I weigh all my ingredients -  I beat the eggs and weigh in the amount required. In the UK large eggs are usually about 60g without shell.

The amount given should be enough for 2 tarts with 22cm diameter.

Added by: Juergen Krauss

Tags: Pastries

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