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Light Rye or Malthouse Flour loaf for a Breadmaker

I usually use a mix of Malthouse, Strong White and Strong Wholemeal Flours to make this loaf, but due to an accidental substitution this one is Light Rye, instead of the Malthouse. It turned out better than I'd hoped and the crust is really crispy ...

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... Place the following ingredients in to the Bread Maker in the following order ...


1 tsp Easy or Quick Yeast

130 g of Malthouse or Light Rye Flour

135 g of Strong White Flour

135 g of Strong Wholemeal Flour

1 tsp Golden Caster sugar

300 ml Water

1 tsp Salt

1/2 tsp of Ascorbic Acid (if using Rye to help with the rise)

1  1/2 tbsp Walnut oil


Set your Bread Maker to the Whole Wheat setting and hit go!

This recipe can be used for a Time Delay or a Rapid setting, but the standard setting in my Panasonic Breadmaker takes 5 hours.

I hope you Enjoy x


Added by: Elisabeth Johnson-Ross

Tags: Bread Rye Malt Breadmaker

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Light Rye or Malthouse Flour loaf for a Breadmaker

Found the dough for this loaf seemed very wet however the bread turned out delicious and moist. Stands up very well to experimenting with content and method! Keeping the weights / volumes close to the list. I have used the "No Knead" method which still produces a wonderful loaf with excellent crumb. I only used Malthouse and strong white flours at 200g + 200g. Without Ascorbic Acid powder, I used half a tablet of a 1000g orange flavour effervescent tablet! Any oil (sunflower, Olive, corn, etcetera). any sugar (honey, demerara, or syrup) as only 6g will have little effect.

Tom Miller 10 June 2020

RE: Light Rye or Malthouse Flour loaf for a Breadmaker

Once the ingredients go in the Breadmaker I don't see it again until the finished loaf comes out

Mrs Elisabeth Johnson-Ross 10 June 2020

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